1.17 Love and War

Last chapter, El and Catherine bonded, Catherine met a quirky boy with a cute face(OuO), and El became an adult. This time, passion and heir polls.


Apparently El’s favorite place to put some sweet sweet moves on Leo is her laundry filled front hallway, surrounded by elderly dogs and with her dad hovering over her shoulder.


Leo: I am weirdly okay with this.

Jared: Get a room already!


El: Wanna go disappoint your mother?

Leo: Hell. Yes.



Somewhere, Ms. Kimura is having an apoplectic fit.


El: Nothing to see, here, folks. Move along.

Jared: Yep, that’s just El in her underwear. Pretty normal day.



Tone it down a bit, bud.


Leo: i-just-had-sex


Brienne: Just so we’re clear, young man, if you break my daughter’s heart, I shall hurt you in every way I know how.


Leo: That’s fair, Mrs. G. Plus you could make my life down at the station pretty difficult if I pissed you off.

Brienne: Ah, you are an officer of the law. I knew there was a reason I liked you!


Brienne: I’m glad we have an understanding. Now, how soon do you think she’ll propose?

Ominous music fills the rainy autumn night…


Burglar: Muahaha, it is I, the Rainbow Robber! All run in terror from my primary colors of theft!

*evil laugh* I have been waiting for this. This burglar isn’t gonna know what hit her.

I sit back and wait in delight for Brienne to come out and kick some criminal ass.

Except she doesn’t come.


Catherine does.

Burglar: Oh wow, this is a joke right?


Burglar: You sure about this girly? You might break a nail.


Catherine: Oh, shut the @%*& up.


Holy crap Catherine’s in a fight!




Well this is embarrassing.

Catherine: Owwww, my butt!

Burglar: Should’ve just stepped aside, little girl!


El: ‘Hey Swiper, don’t swipe!’ Square up, you thieving punk!


Catherine: *laughing* This is the dumbest thing you’ve ever done, sis.

El: Oh, shi-


30 seconds later:

El: Owwww, my butt!

Burglar: You see! None of you can beat me! Just call the police so I can run away right before they show up, like every other sim family.


Catherine: You got lucky last time!


Brienne: My foolishness senses are tingling.


Burglar: This family is nuts! I’m gonna go rob some schmuck who doesn’t even have walls around his house yet, at least then I won’t keep getting attacked by a bunch of wimps.

Brienne: Well this all seems sorted! I’m headed back to bed.


Catherine: …And then I kicked the burglar’s behind!


Ismael: That is amazing! Quite extraordinary, I must say.


Catherine: Umm, I did have something else I wanted to talk about…


Catherine: You were planning on going stag to prom, right?

Ismael: I wasn’t planning on going at all, actually. It isn’t really my crowd.


Catherine: Well, would you maybe like to…go with me?

Ismael: You’re my best friend in the world, Catherine! I’d love to!


Catherine: Umm, well..


Catherine: Idon’treallywantogoasfriends.


Ismael:…Oh. Oh! That works too.

Catherine: Oh thank god. I mean, yay!


Something that I should have seen coming (BUT DIDN’T) was that a winter prom means a frozen hellscape, which means winterwear prom outfits.


Oh dear. Well, at least the poor girl won Prom Queen. And she’s got a new boyfriend!

I guess that ‘Can Apprehend Burglar’ hidden trait doesn’t mean ‘Will Apprehend Burglar,’ huh?

This one is a little small compared to the usual, but it does have an heir poll at the end! You should at this point have some clue of where I’m going with each sister, both in terms of romance and life. If you don’t, that’s on me, and I do apologize!

You have Eleanor “El” Gallant, Artistic, Friendly, Inappropriate, Light Sleeper, and Never Nude, with the LTW to become an Illustrious Author. She’s in a committed relationship with the snarky but sweet Leopoldo “Leo” Kimura, who was a recent recruit at the local police station.

And then you have Catherine Gallant, Excitable, Virtuoso, Equestrian, and Photographer’s Eye, with a LTW that is still a secret for now.(shh spoilers) She recently started dating Ismael VanWatson-Bunch, a cheerful and eccentric genius with an interest in the occult.

And now it’s up to you!


1.16 “She’s a Never Nude”

Last time, Jared became Mr. Seahorse and Catherine hit puberty. This time, sisterly bonding, a familiar face, and El ages up.


Jared: You’re one cute little space gremlin, you know that?

Brienne called in some favors amongst SimNation politicians to cover up the appearance of a mysterious green baby in their household. Officially, Bedivere is a survivor of a horrible nuclear meltdown in Twinbrook; the radiation mutated him into a green skinned, black eyed, but perfectly healthy and otherwise normal baby, who the Gallants happily decided to adopt.

She pulls a few more strings to make sure no men in black suits or lab coats ever come knocking at the Gallants’ door. It wasn’t easy, but when the woman who saved a nation from being taken over by Magnus Landgraab asks you to do something, you do it.


Catherine: Gibson my precious baby, I love you!


Connie and Cheri recently graduated and got adult jobs, which means that neither of them have much time for their still-teenaged friend. Instead, El switches to spending all her time with Catherine.


Who really needs it, because the idea of high school terrifies her. El is her only real friend besides their parents, and Catherine is convinced she’s going to be the freak of the school.


El: See? Not the worst thing to ever happen.

Catherine: It still wasn’t great. The other kids all laughed and called me ‘Princess’ because I said I want to ride horses when I grow up. It’s not like I said I wanted to live in fairyland, you know? Equestrianism is a perfectly viable future.

El: Eh, fuck ’em. Teenagers are all dipshits anyway.

Catherine: I’m not like you, El. I can’t just…turn off caring about what people think about me.


Video games are a surefire way to cheer up your little sister.




They’re better than you.


Since Catherine’s room is right next to Bedivere’s, she tends to be the one who takes care of him in the middle of the night.

But that doesn’t stop other family members from coming up anyway.


El: Aww, I wanted to snuggle the little dude.

Catherine: I got here first, you can wait your turn.


Catherine finally brings someone home from school! Does he look familiar?


How about now?

Yup, that’s none other than Ismael VanWatson-Bunch, the boy born within seconds of Catherine. Luckily for him, he managed to avoid his dad’s family’s genetics; if I didn’t know better, I’d think Madison had cloned herself.


Ismael: You’re overthinking it; the only reason this is giving you so much trouble is because you’ve convinced yourself you’ll be bad at it.

Catherine: Because I am! Not all of us are geniuses like you, Ismael. I’m good at music, okay, not biology.

Ismael: I don’t believe that. How many books have you read about horse physiology?

Catherine: …What does that have to do with cell structure?

Ismael: Well alright, it’s not exactly the same, but it is the same principle. If you can memorize the skeletal and muscular structures of a horse, you can memorize that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. Okay, let’s go over this again.


Catherine: You work at the cemetery, right?


Ismael: Oh. Haha, you heard about that? Yeah, it’s not as creepy as it sounds, I swear. 100% safe, guaranteed!


Catherine: You’re telling me you never get even a little spooked at being surrounded by dead people.

Ismael: Well actually, according to a theory I’m developing, we’re all surrounded by dead people at all times!


Ismael: There’s a recorded phenomenon of spirits seen throughout the world, from clearly humanoid specters to shapeless beings with no clear identity or purpose. My hypothesis is that these are all souls of the departed, but some are simply more connected to their identity in life than others! When you think about it like that, there doesn’t seem much point in being afraid of one location simply because that’s where we house the deads’ remains.

Catherine: Wow, you’re really passionate about this, huh?

Ismael: Yeah! Life after death is one of the great mysteries, you know? I’m planning on becoming a professional occult researcher after we graduate.

It sounds like a load of crap to Catherine, but she remembers how her classmates made fun of her for her horse obsession, and how Ismael never treated her like it was dumb, or funny. He even seemed to respect her dedication.


Catherine: Well, it’s not exactly a scientific study, but I know some pretty cool ghost stories if you’re interested?


Catherine: And then, she saw it. Shining out of the shadows were two red, glowing eyes.


Ismael is enraptured.

El and Bedivere’s birthday happens to be on Spooky Day, so the family decides to throw a costume party to celebrate. It has…mixed results.


For one, Brienne gets called into work right before the party, so she misses it completely.


For another, everyone’s costumes leave something to be desired. Young adult Leo in the background goes as a magician, and Connor is just offscreen dressed as a serial killer. Jared, however, decides to go as a chef, because, “I have the getup, might as well use it.” El and Brienne accidentally wore the same costume.

Catherine: Go change!

El: No you change!

Catherine: Goddammit.


Cheri: Booo, copycat!

El: I’m not taking disses from someone who isn’t even wearing a costume!

Cheri: What’re you talking about? This is my costume; I’ll have it for about 48 more hours!

El: What does that even mean?

Cheri: Pregnant. I’m pregnant, asshole. You’d think you’d know, the dad is your cousin.

Actually, both Cheri and Connie are preggo. El is a little weirded out by how her friends are all becoming parents.


Jared: I’m surrounded by blonde fish women.


Eyy Beddie Bo’ Bedivere!


Eyy El!


She rolls Never Nude as her final trait, which is hilarious to me.


I mean, what part of this image isn’t comedy gold?

Her full personality is friendly, artistic, inappropriate, light sleeper, and never nude, one hell of a combination. Her LTW is to be an Illustrious Author, and her spouse, should everything turn out well, will be Leopoldo Kimura, a good-natured and kind of snarky guy with a dorky ponytail.

The next morning, the whole family piles into Brienne’s midlife crisis sedan to attend El’s graduation.





The Gallants all(finally) arrive at city hall.




El: Hell yes! Now could someone please shut up the gremlin?


The heir poll should be up with the next chapter, I just want to flesh a few more things out and get caught up to where I’ve played.

Thanks for reading! -Mo ❤

1.15 The Morning After

Last time, I hit a point windfall and Jared got abducted by aliens. This time, we deal with the aftermath.


Madison: Wow, what an awesome party! I’m totally not going to acknowledge or react to that suspicious hovercar!


Jared: Well, that was a weird…hallucination? Or maybe a dream. Nah, definitely a hallucination. Connor always said that acid I took in college would come back to bite me in the ass.


Catherine got Jared a birthday gift. She couldn’t give it to him last night because he ran off like a crazy person, but day-after presents still count, right?



It’s a cane, which should offend him, but Jared is nothing if not contrary, so he’s thrilled.


Jared: Get off my damn lawn you punks!

He puts it to good use as part of his “grumpy old codger” ensemble.


Summer in Sunset Valley is bright and gorgeous, so El takes advantage of the nice weather to hang out with her friends. Connie has to leave early to go to work, but that still leaves Leo and Cheri to hang with.


I think I must have missed some undercurrents between Leo and Cheri – El barely even kissed the boy hello, and Cheri stormed off with a big ol’ person-person-double-minus over her head. It’s especially weird when you consider that she has a boyfriend; Cheri’s been dating Deshaun Frenchfry(Connor’s son with Molly French) for over a week, which is practically married by Sim standards.

It also means that everyone in El’s friendgroup is eventually going to end up as part of her family tree, which is a weird thought.


Brienne is not at all put off by Jared’s new wrinkles and gray hair.


You two. You’re gonna give me cavities. Gross, weird cavities.


Catherine obligingly poses inside the library so I can show off some of its mismatched furniture. None of her traits(or her LTW for that matter) apply to child-sim activities, so she mostly spends her time on free will mode reading books.


Or playing at being a queen.


Tiff: Feeling a lil hefty, there, pal. And both of us know you haven’t working out.


Jared: Oh, what is that feeling..?

Tiff: Here’s an idea; for your diet, you can just give all your food to me!


Jared: Nothing is happening nothing is happening nothing is happening

Tiff: I mean, you still look good, pal. Lookin’ fresh. But you could stand to lose a few pounds, you dig?


Tiff: So whaddya say?

Jared: What the hell is this dog barking about?


Jared: So, I looked up “weird glowing green stomach” and “unexpected weight gain” on webMD and you would not BELIEVE what I found.

Brienne: My love, are you entirely sure that this is something I want to know?

Jared: Eh, maybe not. It’s pretty cool though.

Brienne: I do not-

Jared: I’m pregnant.

Brienne: I beg your pardon? Jared, I believe you may be confusing basic human anatomy.

Jared: No no no, not like, normal pregnant. Pregnant with an alien baby from space. Like, a little green dude with a poky face.

Brienne: But – I – How?

Jared: Oh yeah, I got abducted by a spaceship on my birthday. I didn’t say anything cause I thought it was a bad acid flashback.

Brienne: I believe it says something regarding the type of person you are that I cannot muster any surprise at that.

Jared: Harsh, babe.


Jared takes to fishing at the park across the road, getting in touch with his natural side.


Jared: Hey, it’s happening again! Catherine, how cool is that?!

Catherine: Just a minute dad, let me finish my page.


Jared: How in the hell did both of my kid turn out so rude?


The Golden-Handed Chef is looking quite chef-shaped these days.


Glitch, what glitch?

And apparently the tubbiness has reached critical mass, because after a few days he starts going into labor on the front lawn.

Jared: Someone get this damn dirty dog out of here!


There’s certainly no awkward graphical problems in this game.

Faithful: Rude.


No sirree.

It’s a boy!

Meet Bedivere Gallant, the unplanned-for final member of generation 2. He’s named after Sir Bedivere, one of the legendary Knights of the Round Table, and the one credited with returning Excalibur to the Lady of the Lake as Arthur lay dying. He rolled disciplined and loves the cold as his traits.


A nursery is hastily constructed upstairs. The wallpaper is a little on the nose.



Brienne: Perhaps you should lower your voice, love?


Brienne: After all, it is our Catherine’s birthday. You wouldn’t want to ruin her day in front of all these people, would you?

Jared: Buzzkill.


There’s a bit of a traffic jam on the way to the cake.(That young man hanging out by the TV is none other than Deshaun, aka Connor’s kid, aka Cheri’s boyfriend.)


But there’s still plenty of people around to cheer Catherine on to teenhood.



Damn, girl.

Catherine ages up unreasonably pretty, and rolls the photographer’s eye trait. So, she’s an artsy basic white girl. I gave her an elegant pastel-goth look to contrast with El’s thrift store party girl style.


Catherine: So, are we acknowledging how dad lost fifty pounds while we were at school and now there’s a weird green kid in a crib upstairs?

El: Nope.

Catherine: Ah, of course not. What was I thinking.


For her birthday, Catherine gets a sexy new grand piano – she really really really wanted a pony, but Brienne was clear that she wasn’t getting a horse until she had an A in school and already knew how to ride and take care of it. A piano is one hell of a consolation prize, but all the same…


Although she enjoys music, and has been absently considering getting into photography, there’s something that keeps Catherine coming back to horses in particular. If someone were to ask her why, she would never be able to articulate it. There was a dream she only half-remembers that left her with a bone deep sense of purpose, but like a soap-bubble, the more she tries to grasp the memory, the further it slips away from her. She’s left with only the vague impression of gentle light and a soft voice in her ear:

You are not ready.


…So that happened.

Bedivere is in fact my first full-alien baby ever! I’ve had sims who hooked up with aliens in the past, but abductions are so rare that I’ve never had a male sim “pollinated” before. On this topic, please read my disclaimer at the bottom of the post.

I’m mighty pleased at how Catherine is turning out – there aren’t any proper pics of her face in this chapter, but I quite like her look. Like a little lady, but also like she maybe spends her nights hanging out in graveyards. She’s also locked in her lifetime wish – I’m not giving it away just yet, but you can probably guess based on recent chapters. X)

Next chapter should include El’s age-up to young adulthood, maybe one more to fit in some extra content, and then after that it’s a special one-off chapter and the heir poll!

-Mo ❤

Disclaimer(If there are kids reading this, this is PG-13 AT LEAST, turn back now and skip over this bit): Ok, so, the way EA handles the ‘alien abduction’ thing is pretty fucked up. Like, I get it, it’s meant to be a play on those people on the History Channel who claim that they were ‘probed’ by aliens and the ‘Mars needs moms’ trope, but it’s still too reminiscent of sexual assault played for comedy for it to not skeeve me out on some level. That being said, obviously I chose to include it in this story, and obviously that’s not the interpretation I’m going with in this case. The simple reason is that I want the story to remain, at it’s core, light-hearted; the more complicated one is that I don’t feel confident in my ability to write on the topic in a properly respectful and accurate way. Please feel free to call me on it if I screw up in any way, I’ll be happy to rewrite a chapter to be non-upsetting or offensive. Thanks for understanding!


1.14 Interlude: 24 Hours



No particular reason for this to be here, I just liked the view.


Jared: Okay, good, now ease on the brakes.

El: Right.

Jared: ….


Jared: You forgot which one is the brake didn’t you.

El: Yup.


Brienne has been promoted to International Super Spy! P.I. V.J. Alvi thinks someone that prestigious should be able to wear something a little less stupid-looking, but he has a stupid number of initials in his name so who cares really.


Catherine comes across a chinchilla in the hills near the house. She immediately scoops the little fella up and takes him home.


Catherine: His name is Gibson and I would die for him.



What’s this?


Jared: So, uh, I was offered a TV show deal. Apparently some big executive type came into the Frenchfry and was impressed by how gourmet it was, considering it’s a diner. And he pulled some strings, and. Well. You’re looking at Jared “Gold Hand” Gallant, host of the newest program on Cookin’ Cable.


Brienne: My love, that is wonderful! This is what you have always wanted, yes? For the people to recognize your talents and to be known for them.

Jared: Yeah, but, babe, I’m gonna be in the spotlight from now on. That’s gonna bring a lot of attention onto you, and the last thing I want to do is compromise your career.

Brienn: Oh, the station was protocols in place for exactly this situation. Don’t worry, love, my identity as a police officer will be ironclad.


Jared: Hrmph. Getting old.


Jared: Whoa!


Jared: Alright, not too bad.

El: Oh my GOD, what are you wearing?!


I tried to get an after pick of his elder clothes, but Jared ran outside before I had a chance to. What the fuck.


Are you kidding me.





Someone takes after his mother in the straight creepin’ department.

Woo, so much action! All this stuff happened within a 24 hour span(hence the title), and I thought that was funny enough to have a separate mini-chapter just for this one day.

Point round-up: Brienne completed her LTW to become an International Super Spy, which means a point, and that tipped her over 100k LTH, which makes another point. Jared also completed his LTW to become a 5-Star Celebrity Chef, and that also bumped him over 100k. In total, that’s 4 new points in about 10-15 minutes of gameplay. Holy shit.

Total points:8

(Also, there’s a not-so-stealthy Game of Thrones reference in here based on something Livvielove pointed out on the boolprop forum – kudos if you figure it out!)

-Mo ❤


1.13 Interlude: No More Yielding But A Dream



Yes, you will do nicely. Awaken. I require your assistance.


Greetings, stranger. My name is Alia.

The horse appears in shining beam of light, glimmering faintly against the midnight gloom.


Come closer, little one. I will not hurt you.

Even if she is a child, Catherine isn’t stupid; she knows unicorns are fairytales. They aren’t real.


Power burns bright within you, but it is unfocused. Untrained. You are not ready, yet. But when the time comes, you will remember. For now, sleep.

But the creature in front of her feels very real. She can feel the unicorn’s soft hair against her fingertips, its hot breath washing over her palm, the crackling energy like static electricity that surrounds it. As her hand brushes its hide, a buzzing whine echoes in her ears, so strong that she swear she can feel it in her teeth, and every hair on her body stands on end. And then-


And comfort yourself that this was only a dream.

-she wakes up.

A bit of an experimental format, here. 🙂 Let me know what you think!

FYI, the title comes from the famous line from A Midsummer Night’s Dream:

If we shadows have offended,
Think but this, and all is mended,
That you have but slumbered here
While these visions did appear.
And this weak and idle theme,
No more yielding but a dream,
Gentles, do not reprehend:
If you pardon, we will mend:
And, as I am an honest Puck,
If we have unearned luck
Now to ‘scape the serpent’s tongue,
We will make amends ere long;
Else the Puck a liar call;
So, good night unto you all.
Give me your hands, if we be friends,
And Robin shall restore amends.

-Mo ❤

1.12 What Are Little Girls Made Of?

Last time, Eleanor became a teenager, and the truth of Connie’s parentage came out. This time, family is difficult and El is anti-authority.


Jared is at a party hosted by Emma. Dwayne the crib-stealer is a toddler now, but his dad is still nowhere to be seen. Considering how things went down between Jared and Claire, he’s really not in a position to judge, but his recent conversation with Connie sticks out in his mind.


Jared: Emma, are you…alright? Really? I get you don’t want to talk about Dwayne’s dad, but, speaking from personal experience here, the kid won’t thank you for cutting the guy off, even if he is an asshole.


Emma: I’m not the one cutting him off, hon. He made that call. Says he’s “too old to pull the wife and kid routine all over again.” I mean hell, Jared, he’s got a granddaughter older than your kids! He’ll probably be dead before Dwayne’s even old enough to recognize him.

Jared awkwardly lets it drop. There’s only one man in town old enough to have a granddaughter older than El, and he remembers from Cheri Crumplebottom’s frequent visits that her grandpa Buster hasn’t been in the best of health recently.

He’d heard rumors about Emma and Buster Clavell being seen together, but he preferred that Emma confirmed it rather than assuming.


El drops in to pay Leo a visit; his house actually hosts two families, Leo and his mom Tori Kimura, and Monika Steel née Morris and her daughter Racheal. For whatever reason Monika and her daughter haven’t moved in with her husband Chris.

Sunset Valley has a lot of…interesting family dynamics.


El: Holy shit, Ponytail! Your house is, like, humongous. Plus I’m really digging this modern look.

Leo: I mean, I appreciate that.


Leo: But to be honest, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Monika and my mom are friends, but they can’t agree on anything when it comes to remodeling, and their compromise is to just let everything be as bare and impersonal as possible. The closest we get to decorating are some generic black and white photos.

El: Hey, at least you’ve never had to change a diaper! I’d trade shit hammocks for boring any day.

Leo: *laughs* I guess you’re right. I don’t think I’d mind if it was your sister, though. She’s a cute kid.

They eventually move beyond smalltalk about their families and onto some light flirting. El came here for a reason, after all – prom is tomorrow night, and Leo’s the only single teenage guy she knows.


It doesn’t hurt that he’s got some sexy eyebrow action going on.

El: *swoon*


El: Ponytail, your scrawny physique and kinda dumb-looking hair have won me over. I give in, I’ll go to prom with you.

Leo: But I didn’t ask you to prom?

El: Really, so sweet of you to go to all that trouble to ask me out, even though I’m clearly way out of your league. You’re lucky I like ’em adorable!

Leo: Are you kidding me right now.

El: Come on man work with me here!


Leo: *sigh* Eleano-

El: El, please. Eleanor is some crusty bitch from the middle ages.

Leo: Okay, El. Will you give me the distinct, immeasurable honor of taking you to prom?

El: Hell yeah, bucko! Maybe a little less with the sarcasm next time, huh?


El: Help me.

Tori: So you’re the lucky lady taking my little boy to prom! Just a moment, dear, I have a little film to show you, won’t take but a moment-

Leo: Mom, you’re not showing my date The Miracle of Life.

Tori: I just want to make sure you’re both fully aware of the consequences of hasty decisions, that’s all.

El: Uhh, Ms. Kimura, you know we’re teens, right? We can’t do anything above steamy makeouts.

Leo’s mother casts a judgemental eye over El’s outfit and exposed midriff.

Tori: *sniff* I’m sure you would find a way.

Leo: Mom!


Later that night, El finishes up her debut novel. Space Raptor Butt Invasion is a trashy hit, although some reviewers caution that it contains “questionable content,” which is putting it mildly. Inspired by the fulfillment of writing, El decides that this is what she wants to do for the rest of her life, and locks in the Lifetime Wish Illustrious Author.


When El’s complimentary copy of the book arrives in the mail the next morning, Jared quietly takes it upstairs to read in privacy. When he’s done, he tucks it away in a corner bookcase where Brienne will never, ever, ever find it, and ignores the way his eyes are misting up. That’s my girl.


Brienne’s job gets trickier every day; as a triple agent, she’s working undercover in the local criminal syndicate, where her job is to spy on cop patrols and movement. Of course, her criminal ‘compatriots’ don’t know that she’s actually there to spy on them for law enforcement. And what neither the criminals nor the police know is that she’s actually been contacted by the government to keep tabs on both groups.


El: Connie, this conversation is going nowhere. Look, plumbob knows I don’t like it, but if you want to skip out on Catherine’s birthday party just because of dad that’s your call. Alright?…Alright….Fucking alright already, goodbye.


The party don’t start until Jared insults a guest’s children.


Or his own for that matter.

Jared and El: Hneh-heh-heh!

Brienne: *deep breath* Would you please not.


Catherine ages up with the equestrian trait, meaning her full personality makes her an excitable, horse-loving virtuoso. So, your general upper-middle class to upper class American child, except she actually enjoys her violin piano and horseback riding lessons. Or she will, once she’s old enough to do either of those things.


Prom starts right after the party, so El invites Leo over. Her prom dress is an eccentric mix of rags and thrift store finds, but I dig the overall effect.

Leo: You know we’re going to prom, not a club, right?

El: Shut up, Ponytail. I’m an inappropriate sim, you’re lucky if I don’t strip to my underwear and start yodeling.


Too bad she changed back into her everyday outfit before going. *sigh* That inappropriate trait is gonna be the death of me, I swear.

At any rate, El does get elected prom queen – I got a neat bit of flavor text which said that she high-fived the crowd while she ran up to receive it, which fits her pretty well IMO. She also got her first kiss from Leo during the slow dance, and they agreed to go steady.


Immediately after prom, she decides to turn around and take advantage of the chaos to pull a little prank – students coming in the next morning were stunned to find the school mascot wearing a neon pink bra with a graffitied mustache drawn on with blue lipstick. Everyone and their grandmother made the obvious connection to the only girl in school who wore blue lipstick, but since there was only circumstantial evidence the school administration was forced to let El off with a warning.


Jared hangs out in the library  studying cooking a lot. He and Vita Alto each pretend not to notice the other. After all, what do you say to the husband of the woman who keeps looting your rubbish? Or to the woman who your cop wife keeps finding incriminating evidence on?


Connie comes home with Eleanor after school most days, and the sisters get into a habit of doing their homework together. Unfortunately for Catherine, El and Connie are already best friends and partners in anti-establishment crime by this point, and there’s not much room in their dynamic for another, much younger and more rule-abiding girl.


Connie doesn’t make things any easier for the poor girl, shooting Catherine down every time she starts to talk about her interests.

Catherine: Mom says that if I’m really good and I do my chores and I get good grades in school, then when I’m old enough to ride she’ll get me a horse.

Connie: God, you are such a cliche. There’s no way in hell you’re ever getting a pony, dumbass. That’s just a con to get you to do what your mom wants.


Maybe an activity that doesn’t involve talking will be better?


Or maybe not.




Catherine: El, why does Connie hate me?

El: Mm, too complicated. Playing game. Ask later.


The dogs age up to elder, and to reward them for their years of service I officially stop sending them to hunt collectables. They’ll spend the rest of their days clogging up doorways and barking at passers by.

For those who don’t know, Space Raptor Butt Invasion is a real book by an author named Chuck Tingle(WARNING: NSFW), and yes, all of his books’ titles are that amazing.

Blech, El/Leo was kind of rushed, sorry about that. Prom is a fun little event, and the first kiss/going steady pop-ups can save a ton of time, but it’s a little anticlimactic to basically read the cliff notes version of someone’s first romance.

I feel so bad for little Catherine. 😦 All she wants to do is talk about horsies, and everyone’s reactions amount to “God, who caaaaares.”

Anyway, that’s this chapter done! I’m going to have a couple of Interlude mini-chapters up later tonight, because I actually have the time to proofread my rough drafts!

Thanks for reading!


1.11 All About El

Last time, Brienne got wrinkles and Catherine became mobile. This time, a Gallant family gathering isn’t complete without drama.


Brienne: Repeat, darling; ‘the family estate.’

Catherine: Stea’!

Brienne: No, not ‘steak’ – ‘estate.’ Try again.

Catherine: Stea’!

Brienne: I don’t know why I bother.


Seeing his ugly-ass demon portrait made Jared realize just how little time he was spending with El. In apology, he takes to helping her with homework and cooking her favorite meal.


Goopy carbonara is one of the less complicated dishes in his repertoire, but it’s still better than the accursed salad.


El: Mm, pasta.

Before anyone even knows it, it’s time for El’s birthday. Every single teen and child she knows is invited over for the party.


Jared: Is that a teenage boy.

El: Relax, dad, that’s just Leo from school.

Jared: ‘Just’ my round rosy ass. I know what teenagers get up to these days!


‘Leo’ is Leopoldo Kimura, son of one of the party crashers from the last chapter. He’s a pretty nice nerdy guy, but he’s been a bit withdrawn since his dad Iqbal passed away.

Here he’s seen dancing with a teenaged fashion-deficient Cheri.



El greets Lucia Hart and Augustine Langerak-Hart as they walk in; through some intricacies of timing and family trees, Lucia is actually Augustine’s aunt. Best not think about it.

Speaking of f***-ed up family dynamics, it seems someone finally told Connie about her missing parent.


That teen in the corner is Daron Andrews, Connie’s boyfriend. Otherwise known as ‘that guy whose mom hit on Jared right after he was born.’

Connie: I’ve been coming to your goddamn house since I was a kid! Why the hell would you not mention, “Oh hey, Connie, by the way, I’m your dad!”

El: What.

Jared: Would it honestly have made a difference? Claire and I were a shitty couple, trust me. We were never going to work out together.


Connie: But you could’ve still been around for me. I wouldn’t’ve had to be “Claire the Bear’s” bastard.

Jared: Is that what this is about? Look, Connie, that would all still be the same. People would still talk about you behind your back because we were never married, and people are fucking assholes about that kind of thing. Why do you think so many people around here get married right before they have a kid, huh?

Connie:…I just…I just wish things had been different.

Well this is sad.


Connie: I’m too depressed to celebrate.


El: And I’m too shell-shocked about you being my sister to blow out candles, apparently.


Does this count as a legacy cliche? I’m counting this as a legacy cliche. Legacy cliche count: 4

Brienne: I must ask that you remain calm; the flames shall be extinguished shortly, have no fear.

Everyone: *has a lot of fear*

Augustine: Ugh it smells like burning in here.


Augustine: This is so gross El. Now you’re gonna have to clean up that cake, cause I am not staying in the same room as that hot mess.


El: Ooohhhh myyy goodddddd.

Augustine: It’s unsanitary!

Daron: Dude, just stop.


Take 2!


Behold teenage Eleanor! She rolled the light sleeper trait and developed the personal style of a sorority girl in Portland.


Aww yeah half-sister bonding.


Ohhh shiiiiiiiit.

El and Daron: Oh no they’re hot


El: I’m just gonna sit here in the corner until I stop having inappropriate thoughts about my sister’s boyfriend.

Hang on, I thought being wild and uninhibited is your thing?

El: Sure, but I still have standards.


Brienne: Oh gods above, what is my child wearing? What mistakes have I made to lead her so far astray?

El: Haters gonna hate.


El: Heheheh.

What are you snickering about missy?

El: Wait for it.



While at school, El gets an opportunity to raise her writing skill for the school writing club, so she plants herself at her mom’s computer over the weekend to write a novel.


El: Ohhhhh yeah, this is gonna be good.


Jared: You know we got you that easel for a reason, right? Go shoot it up with some paintballs or whatever it is you do. It’s really creepy when you cackle to yourself over the keyboard.


El: You know I love that easel, but trust me dad, this book is gonna be some next level shit. Like, my Mona Lisa or something. I gotta share my vision with the people.

Jared: What is this thing even about?

El tells him.

Jared: …Ah. Hm. Don’t let your mother find out about it.

Brienne, across the house: *rolls wish to fight Jared*


Babysitting the little sis.


El: Alright kid, here’s the deal.


El: If I had to be traumatized by dad’s weird glop shit…


El:…then so do you. Bon appetit!


El: Oh god I can’t watch.


A gift from Daron. It couldn’t possibly mean anything, right?


A chapter later, Brienne finally gets her tattoo, a red dragon emblazoned over her chest. It won’t be visible under most of her outfits, but she knows it’s there.

And now we know her abs are there. Dayum.


She expresses her gratitude to Mr. Page for his excellent work.


El: Mom, you know that muffin’s been in the fridge since before Catherine was born, right?


Brienne: Mm, has it? It is still quite delicious.


El: Whatever, just don’t let dad catch you eating that stale-ass crap.


El: Who’s a good puppy! Who’s a good girl!

Faithful: I beg of you human, release me from my servitude.

I realized after I’d finished this one that it basically ended up being entirely Eleanor. 0_0 Whoops! Next time I’ll try to include the rest of the family.

Leo isn’t the only option for El’s spouse, but he turned out cute enough despite Iqbal Alvi’s genetics that I’m definitely leaning in his direction. There are a few other single guys floating around town, although I doubt I’ll be able to show them before prom.

Thanks for reading guys! ❤



1.10 Birthdays Galore

Last time, the house upgraded from “practically a shack” to “properly inhabitable,” and Brienne had another daughter. This time, birthday x2.


El: Congrats on being an old fart, mom!

Yup, it’s time for Brienne to get some dignified wrinkles. She’s the type to face the inevitability of aging with nothing but grace and decorum, so she throws a black-tie birthday party. Everyone must show up in formalwear, even a reluctant Eleanor.


And even people who weren’t invited, it seems. Neither Morgana Wolff here, nor Tori Kimura in the background, was invited. No one in the house even knows who they are.


Blair: Sorry about them, Officer Gallant, they’re with me.

(Technically it’s Special Agent Gallant these days, but that’s one of those things you’re not supposed to say around civilians.)

Tori: We heard there was going to be a totally crazy party up here and figured, hey, this’ll be a great chance to scope out the new money in town. Plus we wanted in on your flatscreen action. And then Blair was going, so we thought, why not make it a girls’s night out! And here we are!

Brienne: …I see.


Brienne: Well, the more the merrier I suppose!


The new formal dining room gets its first use welcoming Brienne to her new middle-aged status.


Aaaaand she’s having a midlife crisis. *headdesk*


It figures that the angry lunatic in the family gets off scot-free but the stable one has to deal with a bout of the ol’ reckless urges.


You might have noticed that Hank was conspicuously absent during the party; he was there, he just spent the whole time upstairs with Catherine.


And then migrated to the front lawn to play some tunes.

Brienne: Your music is most moving, my friend, but perhaps we should decamp indoors where there is far less risk of frostbite.


The party ends early when Brienne gets called into work to go undercover at a political convention.


El begins a portrait of Jared. It seems… somewhat less than exact.


It looks much the same when she finishes, too.

El: If pops wants a better portrait, maybe he should actually be home now and then.

Ever since he bought the diner, Jared has been working around the clock to get his work performance up to level 10. He wakes up, eats breakfast, and drives to the library to study recipes; he really doesn’t have time for poor Eleanor. Oh well, still a point!


Spring arrives, and with it Eleanor’s first day of school.

El: FINALLY! If I was stuck listening to one of mom’s ‘responsibility’ lectures one more time I was gonna mc-freakin’ lose it.


A girl named Cheri Crumplebottom comes home with her after school. And then insists on doing her homework across the room so El can’t ‘copy off of her.’


Cheri is a bit of an odd duck, but then she did grow up in a house with a restless ghost wandering around. El decides that she’s kinda weird, even by El’s standards, but at least she’s okay with El’s own brand of kookiness.


Well, Frenchfry is here, and you know what that means.

Birthday party!


Brienne and Hank have a bro-dance. I’m not gonna ask how Brienne is dipping a guy twice her size(she has Ways).


Jared gets the wrong idea.

Jared: I’ve heard about you, Goddard. Charismatic, but totally unwilling to stay committed to a relationship. I should’ve known that being engaged wouldn’t have made you keep your grubby hands to yourself.


Hank: Watch it Gallant. Brienne and I are friends, that’s all. Hell, I don’t know if you remember, but I was the one who played wingman for her in the first place! If you really think she’d step out on you, with anyone, that’s something to bring up with her. Oh, and Jared? Pauline and I aren’t married yet because both of us are more comfortable that way, not because our relationship is in any way unloving. Imply that I’d cheat on her ever again and we’re going to have a problem.

Jared is shocked by this new information and also alarmed when he realizes the size of the arms of the guy he was about to deck.


That teenager looking on apathetically in the background is a newly aged up Connie. She wandered into the party, stood around doing nothing, and left without talking to anyone. Typical teenager.


Another face clone! And this one has Brienne’s eyes too. I’m gonna have to compare all of their faces once they’re young adults, this is unreal.


Sister hugs.



Brienne’s moods are a bit unstable at the moment, but at least I get plenty of high-value wishes that are easy enough to cash in.


Brienne rolls a Midlife Crisis wish for an expensive car, so she blows what’s left of the tiberium windfall on a sleek black Yomoshoto Invasion. It’s parked out in the open so passers-by can admire it, but next to the patrol car so no one gets any ideas.


Still as in love as ever.


Brienne gets the sudden urge for a tattoo, so she heads down to the salon on her day off. Artie Page here doesn’t look like much, but he’s been the town tattoo artist since Brienne first arrived in Sunset Valley so long ago.


But before she can even get in his chair, Brienne gets called in to work again. Artie doesn’t even blink at the outfit she changes into – over half of his customers these days are SV residents having midlife crises, so he’s seen far worse than a fifty-year-old woman in leather pants.

Before I go, one last odd story to share. Jared needed to get his relationship with Emma Hatch up for work, so he invited her over to the house.


He certainly didn’t expect her to show up with a new illegitimate child in tow.

Emma: His name’s Dwayne. Sorry for carting him over here, it’s just…the situation with his dad isn’t stellar right now.


Emma: Hwup! Hey there darlin’.

Catherine: W’o you.

Jared: Emma what the hell are you doing.


Emma: Much better.

Jared: Emma you’re not leaving your kid at my house.

Emma: Oh, fine.


And then she broke the computer.

It’s a little spooky just how much Eleanor and Catherine take after Brienne. I’m not complaining, she’s a good looking woman, but I like some genetic diversity in my families, you know?

Thanks for reading

-Mo ❤


1.9 Building and a Baby

Last time, Eleanor became a sentient being and the Gallant’s got $120,000 in cold hard cash. This time, that money is put to (sort of) good use, and Eleanor gets a sibling.


Behold, a not shitty house! These pictures were taken in Spring so the house would be visible instead of buried under a foot of snow, so it’s a slight jump forward in time.(Ignore that extra car, it doesn’t exist yet in the current timeline.)


The upstairs(clockwise, left to right): library/gallery, upstairs hall, bathroom, nursery, balcony with telescope.


Downstairs(clockwise, starting in the bottom left): Eleanor’s room, Brienne and Jared’s room, the living area/TV room, laundry room, dining room for special occasions, bathroom, main room and kitchen.

I’m generally pretty awful at architecture/interior design, so I was surprised to find myself actually satisfied with the final result. It’s a little eclectic, but I’m okay with that. My plan with the library is to have a set of blank walls set up along the middle to hang family portraits, but the space ended up too cramped for that to really be effective.



Because she hasn’t had enough of those already. *sigh*


Of course, another snow day means another day of mom lecturing her on decorum over breakfast. Yawn! Can’t a girl eat her morning birthday cake in peace??

Eventually Brienne leaves her alone, because, as the famous saying goes…


…when Vita Alto’s away…


…a heavily pregnant cop will come out to play.


Or. You know. Dig through her trash for the millionth time.


Brienne: Say hello to your baby brother, Eleanor.

El: Hello, squirt. Aw man, it feels like he’s doing some sick kick-flips in there.

Brienne: He is quite feisty, is he not?

Jared continues to be semi-absent, struggling to balance work, family, and his few out-of-work friendships. One night he goes to a party held by Madison, who for some reason is living with her baby daddy in Connor’s house. No sooner has he walked in the door than-


Madison: Woah, I just felt something…

Jared: Ha! Probably some bad sushi!

Madison: No, asshole, I think- I think the baby’s coming…

Jared: Yeah, whatever.




Meanwhile, at the exact same moment across town…




Despite her horrific facial contortions, Brienne calmly calls a taxi and is driven to the hospital without a fuss.

Back at the Frenchfry residence, Jared gets a call from the hospital that his wife drove herself over to give birth and promptly forgets Madison’s existence.


Jared: Smell ya’ later!

Madison: Thanks for coming to my party Jared person-person-plus!


Madison: Now, which of you lot is going to drive me over?


Madison: Absolutely none of you. Wonderful.

Jamie: Haha this is totally going on Youtube.


Both of the Gallants arrive in good time, and the birth is free of any complications.


They welcome a bouncing baby boy to the world! His name is-wait.



I don’t understand what happened here. Brienne guzzled apples on her second day of pregnancy. She didn’t eat a single watermelon! And yet, her kid is a girl.

Ugh, whatever. Personally I really don’t mind the gender of my sims either way, but now I have to cancel a 5k+ wish on both Connor and Brienne, because she’s not spending any more time off for maternity leave.



I did some last minute scrambling to come up with a suitable name, and now I happily introduce you to Catherine Gallant, named after Catherine of Aragon, the first wife of Henry the VIII(yes, that Henry the VIII), who allegedly rode into battle to muster her troops in full armor while heavily pregnant. She rolled excitable and virtuoso as her first traits, and will now be almost completely ignored until she gets old enough to be interesting.


Her mom shows her a lot more love than I do.


Eleanor finally reaches level 5 painting, so I show mom a little love to make up for my neglect of Catherine. The portrait looks surprisingly good!


If only the painter could stay focused on it and stop playing video games every 5 seconds.

El: Dunno what you’re talking about.


Jared spares a moment in his bustling schedule to pamper his littlest baby girl. He’s a rapidly rising star in the culinary world, but he still has the energy to roll wishes to snuggle or hold Catherine.


And to keep getting promotions! Jared is officially an Executive Chef, which is surprising and not a little confusing seeing as he works out of a burger joint. Rumors abound that he threatened his boss Chris Steel into creating the elite position for him in the fry-cook hierarchy, but of course no one has any proof.


Still giddy with the thought of his implausible position in his career, Jared heads back into Hogan’s Deep-Fried Diner to make a few changes in management. By the end of the night, he is the sole owner of the establishment, and it’s been renamed The Frenchfry, just to annoy Connor.


Eleanor finishes Brienne’s portrait, which is hung up to collect dust in the family’s untouched library. Regardless, it counts as a point, which my perfectionist self is only too happy to take!

I’m pretty miffed about having to delete those wishes for a boy, not gonna lie. Although Brienne raising a duo of strong warrior women is pretty fitting for who she is.

The simultaneous birth with Madison makes up for it though. And her kid is a boy! Part of me is automatically itching to arrange a romance or at least platonic-soulmate relationship between him and Catherine, because seriously, what are the odds, but my rational side is cautiously waiting to see how he turns out, both traits and appearance-wise(Again, I don’t care so much about whether he’s gorgeous, but Bunch genetics tend to stick around for generations, and I’d rather not deal with that).

Thanks for reading!

Points: 3

1.8 Moving On Up

Last time, houses were upgraded, children were conceived, and Winter is Here. This time, birthdays, old friends and sudden wealth.


Brienne: My liege, I have an important message for you.

Oh fuck me why did you have to break the goddamn computer.


Brienne: I am with child once again!

Congrats. Maybe you wanna get the kid away from those toxic electrical fumes?


Brienne: Baby!


Jared: Baby!


Brienne and Jared both rolled wishes to have a boy, so Brienne heads out to pick up some apples from the supermarket. Standing behind her there is Madison VanWatson, heavily pregnant by her new barely-legal boyfriend Ethan Bunch.

While she’s there, Brienne decides to become a property owner. The Gallant’s have made their first investment! She bought out the previous owners entirely, and changed its name from whatever stupid thing it was originally to Gallant Groceries.


That raccoon from way back in chapter 4 makes a bold comeback. Apparently another 4 chapters is enough to make it forget what happened the last time it messed with this family, because no sooner has it arrived on the lot than the trash can is knocked onto its side.




Raccoon: My life…has flashed before my eyes…

Tiff: Heh. Still got it.




It’s Eleanor’s birthday! Jared, acting on a whim, invited his elder daughter Connie Ursine to the party. She recently aged up to child herself, and while he’s never felt any strong pull towards the little girl he never met, he figures El might like to know her estranged big sister. Even though technically neither of them know they’re half-sisters.


Unfortunately Connie doesn’t make an appearance. Her mother Claire Ursine, who wasn’t even invited, shows up in some godawful elder-wear to veg out in front of the TV, and Gobias Koffi, who also wasn’t even invited, appears out of the blue to slow dance with Brienne. But no Connie.


Jared: Figures, huh? First time I try to talk to the kid and she brushes me off.

Connor: I am reading this book. I am not listening to my brother’s melodrama. I am reading this book. I am not listening to my brother’s melodrama. I am reading-

Jared: Stow it wiseass. I just don’t want my kids to grow up even more messed up than us.

Connor: Pretty sure that’s not possible Jare.

Jared: I said stow it.


Cake time!


Brienne: Like a mighty dragon, my dear! Precisely. Now do be a dear and don’t age up in something foolish.


El: *rolls the Inappropriate trait* Wa-ha-hey, like this mom?


El: But I like the fugly Plantsim hair!



One emergency makeover later, El looks quirky but bearable. (She did get to keep the cowgirl boots, because I am a big softy at heart.) She runs around the party putting her new Inappropriate trait to good use.


El: Totally bitchin’ party, dad! You are raking in, like, hella cool dad points right now.


Jared: Your mother is going to disembowel me.


As the party winds down and guests start heading home, a latecomer arrives.


Connie: Hi Mr. Gallant. Sorry I came late, I got detention in school for cursing out my geography teacher.

A chip off the old block, I see.


Emma: Oooh, I sense drama. *lurk*

Jared: Uhhh, no problem, kid. Just…make yourself at home? El’s around here somewhere, I’ll let her know there’s someone else her age here.


Emma: *luuuuurrrk*

Connie: *giggles* You are so awkward!


Despite Jared’s plans for sisterly bonding, the two don’t have much in common.

El: My parents got me this awesome new easel and paint for my birthday, but kinda like the idea of sculpting. What do you think, Connie?

Connie: I think I need to finish this geography homework or my mom’ll kick my butt.


El: How the heck is geography more important than artistic mediums?!

Connie: I wouldn’t expect a little baby like you to get it, since you’re not even in school yet.


El: *sulk sulk sulk* Whatever. At least I’ve got this rad easel.


El: And this rad oven.


El: And this rad dog.

The kid lives a pretty charmed life all around. The heavy snow during winter means she has near-constant snow days, giving her plenty of time to spend lazing around the house with mom.


Brienne: Remember, Eleanor, that you must push yourself to succeed. No matter whether you or your unborn sibling inherits this home, the Gallant name must always be synonymous with ‘achievement.’


Brienne: Also hounds are wonderful for digging up valuable rocks.


El: Jeez, mom, lighten up! I’m, like, waaay tougher than you think.


El: Oh god that looks painful.

Brienne: Ahaha! The blood of the malevolent runs ever red.

Jared doesn’t join them for couchwarming because the loveseat only seats 2 because he spends all of his time either at work or doing stupid shit like this.


It’s 3 am, dude, go to sleep.

Notes: Well, I had this whole plan where I’d do an update a day, and that would hopefully push me over into generation 2 before I’m back in school. Of course that didn’t last longer than a few days. And of course I’m back in school this week. *pout*

Hopefully I’ll actually manage to keep to my self-appointed schedule this time! A new chapter every Sunday, occasionally skipping a week if I don’t have the time to play/write.

Thank you so much for sticking around and reading, I’ll see you next time! ^u^

Tiberium Postscript:


At some point while I was clearing out people’s inventories, I realized that a huge collection of gems had been collecting in the dogs’ invisible backpacks. D’oh! So I sent Jared out to the local elixir store to cut them up.

Pro-tip: the gem-cutting machine is your friend. You can cut gems for free and every time you cut a gem you get at least one ‘gem dust’ as well, which you can either sell off or save to use in alchemy. It’s especially awesome when you cut Tiberium, which Jared does.

Anytime you place a cut Tiberium out into the world, it will eventually transform into a large spire cut Tiberium, worth just under 40-grand. This includes gem dust.


So each of these…


…turns into one of these.

That’s $120,000 right there. And just like that, the Gallants are stinking rich.