1.2 Living Rough

Life’s tough when you’re broke and there are actual seasons. Brienne’s first few days on sim-Earth are spent in a cycle of struggling to balance her needs and moodlets, because of course she can’t be outside for longer than a few hours without developing a ‘Sweating Profusely’ moodlet.


She also couldn’t afford a shower for a few days, so I have to wake her up early every morning to shower at the gym.

Her free time is mostly spent playing chess in the park and reading logic books in the library, pushing her logic skill up as early as possible.


I was kind of hoping that she’d run into some husband material running around town, but weirdly enough, the only guy she ever spots at the library is Gobias Koffi. Not that he’s a bad guy or anything, but…no. Just, no.


Her only friend is Hank Goddard, who she got partnered up with at work. He’s a traffic cop, which is a few rungs higher than her on the constabulary ladder, but he’s a remarkably good sport about being forced to team up with the department’s resident narc.


Brienne: I look forward to being your ally, my good sir. Surely together we can make these hoodlums think twice about their felonious actions.


Hank: Whatever you say, rookie.

I’d be tempted to have her hook up with him, but he’s in a relationship already and I’d feel kind of sleazy about it.

Hank’s not the only one Brienne’s developing a budding friendship with; Faithful’s getting some quality time too!


Brienne: Who’s a good puppy with no fleas? You are! Yes you are!

Speaking of Faithful, I’ve been trying to get rid of her Destructive trait ASAP, so she spends most of her time when Brienne’s at work chomping on chew toys.


Please forgive the shitty image quality.

She’s so cute!!!


This eventually pays off when she does replace it with Non-Destructive, giving me the peace of mind to not micro-manage every aspect of the poor dog’s life. The Hyper trait cropped up somewhere along the line too, not sure how that happened.


Guess who got a promotion! She celebrates her new job as a paper-pushing Desk Jockey by challenging a coworker to a game of chess.

Amusingly, I’ve discovered that Brienne is terrible at it – she has level 2 logic here, and Justine Keaton has no logic whatsoever, but Brienne just cannot beat her. She’s also the kind of terrible sport who keeps knocking all of the pieces off the board when someone else wins.


So much for dignity and a sense of fair play, huh?

Brienne: This is ridiculous. I will not be vanquished!

(She lost that game too.)

But hey, at least she’s still got her (meaningless)muscles.



One last pic before I go…Apparently she’s spent a little too much time out in the sun.



That is an awful tan. Like, really truly bad. And this is coming from someone who lives in New Jersey.

Anyway. 2nd chapter done, whoooo! Let’s see if I can keep this up.

I know, I know, she hasn’t got a spouse yet, what am I doing, she needs to have the kids out of the way, etc. etc. I’ve been trying to focus on her career and pet for now, and between studying logic and tending to Faithful’s constantly plummeting social need she’s been pretty busy. She does go man-hunting in the next chapter though, and gets everything out of the way real quick-like.

Thank you for reading, I really appreciate you taking the time to give my little legacy a shot! Leave a comment if you like it, plus any feedback. Constructive criticism is welcome and appreciated.

See you next time! ❤ -Mo

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4 thoughts on “1.2 Living Rough

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  3. Oh that tan is pretty atrocious. Sometimes tans look good on Sims… sometimes…
    I love the Hank/Brienne interactions. This story is just hilarious. I have to remind myself to breathe every now and then!


    • Yeeeah, tans can be pretty hit-and-miss in this game. I think in poor Brienne’s case it had as much to do with the unfortunate combination between that tan and that magenta work outfit as anything.
      I’m really glad you’re liking it! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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