1.4 The Box of Shame

Last time, Brienne finally bagged herself a man. This time, the two settle into blissful matrimony, I take way too many pictures of their puppies, and the Gallant family finally gets a house.



Jared ‘Scream-Machine’ Frio brings in a little over $7,000, bringing the household funds to a comfortable number.

He also comes with a newborn daughter, Connie, by his ex Claire Ursine, and a newborn nephew named Deshaun Frio-French.(if you think I didn’t use MasterController to change that family’s name to Frenchfry, you’re giving me way too much credit.)

Oh yeah, and his gnome-spamming dog, Tiffany.


Tiffany is an aggressive, clueless genius, who keeps scaring off the raccoons trying to eat her food. Good girl.


Raccoon: Screw this noise I’m outta here.

Tiff: Come back and fight me like a man!


These two are absolutely disgusting together. They both keep rolling non-stop kiss and woohoo wishes.

Brienne: You are worth the five rejections it took to marry you, my love.

Jared: Yeah well, you’re worth sticking around this shithole for, babe.

Aaah, true love.


Oh hey, an actually decent shot of Brienne’s formalwear! I love it so much, it really looks like something a modern-day knight could wear.


The newlyweds mostly spend their honeymoon studying skills in the library – both of them are only level three in their careers, and Jared’s only six days from aging up to adult. Yikes. I’m gonna have to keep his nose to the grindstone for sure.


Brienne takes a quick break to participate in a riddle-solving competition down at the bookstore. (She, of course, loses.)

(And then rolls a wish to win a ranked chess competition. Girl, you know that’s not gonna happen with your luck.)


Literally the SECOND she’s away from the library, new mother Victoria Andrews tries to hit on Jared. I’m unspeakably proud of his reaction.


Faithful and Tiff get to know one another, and a random horse wanders across the lot.


Legacy cliche count: 2

And I finally invest in a real house! It’s pretty pathetic, but most starter legacy houses are, so I feel like I’m more continuing a tradition than cursing this family with my shitty home-design skills. Hey, at least they get a patch of hydrangeas outside! Usually I completely forget to give my sims a garden.


And a walls down shot.


Jared makes a beeline for the new kitchen, where his first action is to autonomously cook Brienne’s favorite meal. ;_;


Brienne: My love, how did you know I favor this dish?!

Jared: A player never reveals his secrets.


Faithful: Ohh, so that’s how you do it.

Brienne: Yayyy, more gnomes!

Don’t you dare celebrate this. At this rate the house is going to be overrun with the annoying things by Generation 4.


For those of you who care, I did actually pick up the freezer gnome Tiff created at Varg’s tavern last chapter, and then Faithful made one of her own in the new box house. They’re named Sprinkles and Choco-swirl, and for some reason Tiffany loves to try to chew them to pieces. Noo. Bad. Stop. The humanity.


Gnome incursions aside, I figured it was high time some progress was made in the actual, you know, legacy portion of this legacy challenge, so Jared and Brienne move to celebrate their honeymoon properly.


Rock-a-bye-baby, bitch!

Yeah, this is mostly just filler, sorry for that. orz I just needed to get through this boring in-between bit before we reach the interesting part.

Next time, we meet Jared’s brother Connor, and some drama is had!

Thanks for reading, let me know what you think!

❤ -Mo

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8 thoughts on “1.4 The Box of Shame

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  2. Never, EVER be ashamed of a box.
    It’s a beautiful box.
    Sims can live in it.
    It’s functional.
    I have a sim who would complain about the hydrangeas, but you gave your Sims so much more than I would’ve. Like, no, bitch, you need those 3 extra simoleons for other things. No plants for you.
    I’m excited to see the birth of the first little one!


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  4. I have no idea why I found Jareds new middlename “Scream-machine” so funny… But I did. Damn, not even two pictures into the chapter and already cracking. That’s how it’s supposed to be!

    Oh the box… I remember it well. Well it’s always a start before you start to get the funds to build more, but it works for what it’s supposed to do.

    Haha, yeah those freezer bunny gnomes will take over this legacy if they keep spawing. Reminds me of ages ago, when my current ISBI-family got almost overrun by gnome graves…. Good times.

    Oh Jared, he’s growing on me. His way of showing love is quite… interesting. Oh well, I’m liking them both so…. 🙂 Now I just need to keep going, because I want to see some babies from these lovebirds!


    • The box may be ugly, but it is tradition.

      This reminds me, I should do a showcase of all the gnomes in the house in Gen2 – they’re EVERYWHERE.

      Jared is surprisingly affectionate for a jerk. I honestly never expected to like him as much as I ended up doing.

      I’m glad you’re enjoying! 😀


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