1.5 Family Matters

Last time, Brienne and Jared settled into their new life and embarrassingly sparse home. This time…


Legacy cliche count: 3



Some time passes with Jared and Brienne blissfully unaware of the chaos waiting in their future. Jared harvests some grapes across the road, which I immediately forget to plant…


…and Brienne fulfills some wishes by heading down to the pool to go swimming.


Purely by chance, she runs into her boss Blair Wainwright, which is a great opportunity to make a good first impression.


Brienne: Truly you are a fearless warrior milady!


Jared also gets his schmooze on; he needs to get his relationship with his boss up for his job performance, so he calls him up to chat.

Jared: *immediately rolls wish to be mean to Christopher Steel*



Later that night, he gets a call from his brother, Connor Frenchfry.(heheh) Apparently he’s throwing a party, and Jared and his new wife are both invited.



The party’s pretty sweet, even though Brienne does make a beeline to dance with Gobias and over half the women there congregate to stare at this guitar for half an hour.


However, the festive atmosphere is not to last.

Connor: You are such a jerk, Jared! Sometimes I can’t believe I’m even related to you. When are you going to grow up and realize that you can’t just say whatever comes into your head without pushing people away?

Brienne: I have a duty to this town to uphold peace and honor, and to do harm to none but criminals, but you are seriously making me reconsider. Jared, do you wish me to show your brother the error of his ways?


Jared looks down in shame. Connor’s words have cut him deeper than he’d like to admit, and he faces a crisis of conscience. He’s always been kind of a dick, but he’s recently come to realize that family is far more important than he’s ever realized. After all, here’s his little brother, all grown up with a new son and step-daughter.

The nerdy little kid Jared used to look after growing up now has people of his own to look after. Connor doesn’t need him anymore, and he probably doesn’t want him either. If Jared wants to maintain his connection with his only blood relation, he has to change, to become the kind of person Connor would be proud to call family.

Jared: *rolls wish to be mean to Connor* Nah.


Jared: No one asked for your garbage opinion, Frenchfry. At least I’m not pretending to be someone I’m not. You hate crowds, but you’re throwing this stupid party anyway because it’s what you think your wife would like. And Molly’s not even here to enjoy it! She left you here alone to take care of your stupid son and her stupid daughter while she goes off to party somewhere she can actually have fun. Choke on that, you self-righteous prick.


It’s true, Molly Frenchfry really was nowhere to be seen at the party. Her daughter Sandi ended up being read to sleep by a complete stranger, totally ignored by her stepdad.


Connor: Jare, please don’t try to deflect this onto me. I just want you to be happy.

Jared: Yawn, boring. If you invited me to your lame party just to criticize everything about me I’m out of here.


Brienne hides out in the bathroom to give Jared space to handle his brother by himself. Suddenly…


Yay preggers!

Brienne: My love, we must depart immediately! The baby needs rest!

Jared: Yeah, sure, I’m done here anywa- wait, baby?!




Brienne: (I do hope our child shall be a valiant warrior.)

Jared: (What if the baby was, like, a ghost baby. That would be sick as hell.)


Brienne’s pregnancy goes pretty smoothly, but she is not a fan of the back pain.


Oh shit doggy birthday!


Oh my god you’re huge.

Tiff: Rude.


Faithful: Flurmph


Brienne: My two mighty hounds! I shall train you well.

Faithful gets a cute blue collar, but Tiff doesn’t because every time I tried this happened.

Not cute.


They both get quickly trained up and sent out to earn their keep.


Jared: Am I trapped in my wife or am I trapped in my chair? We just don’t know.


Working out next to the new crib must have been tempting fate, because the next thing I know…


Brienne: AAARRGH!


Tiff: What the shit?


Tiff: lol whatever beauty sleep time

It’s a girl!


Meet Eleanor Gallant, named after Eleanor d’Aquitaine, one of the most well known women of feudal Europe, a leader of combat during the Crusades, and eventually a Queen of England. No pressure kid!

She was born with the trait friendly, and rolled artistic to join it. Overall not bad!

Generation two is here, which means Eleanor wins me my second point!

I was actually really surprised when both Tiffany and Faithful aged up into large dogs – I was expecting at least one of them to be small, but oh well. I’ll just have to get used to the constant pathing issues.

Now that we have a second generation, I’ll be putting up a Who’s Who page to help keep track of the different faces in the family, plus a scorecard page.

All of those interactions between Connor and Jared were completely autonomous, btw, and Connor really did throw the first stone. I just added in the dialogue. (Jesus this game can be depressing.)

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

❤ -Mo

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Points: 2 (!)


7 thoughts on “1.5 Family Matters

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  2. Woo, that was some drama! I love how dramatic Sims can really be on free-will. It’s hilarious and also very depressing.
    Poor Tiff… that’s some… large mass around her neck there. Good call not going with the collar. Faithful is adorable though.
    I’m excited to see the next generation! Eleanor has a big name to live up to!


    • I was really shocked but also kind of pleased when that shouting match happened – shocked because the Good sim actually initiated mean interactions, pleased because it made for good story fodder. (I’m a lazybones who doesn’t come up with a story beforehand, so I’m relying on the sims to create one for me.)
      Oh god, Tiff… I don’t think I ever managed a pic of it, but she’s constantly clipping through everything. Whenever she plays with a chew toy or lies down, her leg fur vanishes into the ether. It’s very unfortunate.

      Liked by 1 person

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  4. Yeah this game can be depressing if it gets the oppertunity. But I loved the serious moment there and then Jared comes and ruins it all by wanting to be mean. “Nah”… haha XD Oh so glorious.

    Oh I hate that with the dogs, just why can’t fluffy dogs have a collar? It looks so wrong… I can understand why you didn’t put one on Tiff. But the dogs still looks damn cute, even if all grown up now. And yay! They finally have their own little spawn of joy, a girl. Lovely. Can’t wait to catch up on this one!


    • Jared is a BEAST, I love him!

      Tiff’s fur is a graphical nightmare – it makes a collar look weird, it clips through furniture, it doesn’t render if the camera’s too far away… I could go on and on. She’s still probably my favorite out of the two dogs.


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