1.6 A Little Older, Not Much Wiser

Last time, Jared got into a screaming match with his kid brother in semi-public and the first member of Generation 2 was born. This time, the return of Hank, brothers are still brothers, and birthdays.


Baby sims are basically just screaming slugs, so UNFORTUNATELY this is my only shot of infant Eleanor. It’s also pretty demonstrative of her parents’ interaction with her.


I’m more concerned with getting Brienne and Jared’s Lifetime Wishes fulfilled than with letting them snuggle their kid all day, so Brienne wastes no time in calling up work to cancel her remaining maternity leave.


Sunset Valley PD’s finest is back in the game!


She goes to get some information for a report from Hank after work, but he’s more interested in gossiping about their love-lives than talking about their actual jobs.

Hank: So, married huh? I notice yours truly wasn’t invited to the wedding.

Brienne: There was no celebration, my friend. It was a quiet affair.

Hank: Rookie, your hubby used to live down the street from me. I’m pretty sure the man’s never been quiet in his life.


Brienne: …He is quite the screamer.

Hank: BRIENNE! Atta girl!


She also spares some time for Hank’s son, Horace, but is watched like a hawk by his pregnant fiancee until she carefully puts the boy back down.




After a solid three days of nothing but chip bags and stray feathers, Faithful finally brings in the first hunting prize. Don’t ask me how the dog dug up and carried home a meteorite bigger than she is, all I know is she did and the thing sold for over $4,000. Tiff, meanwhile, has accomplished jack all, so apparently the genius trait means nothing for pets.


The money pays for a new loveseat, TV, and rug, which somehow manage to get in the way of literally everyone in the house.



My hero!


The day of Eleanor’s birthday, Jared invites Connor over before the party.

Jared: Look, bro, we both said some things at that party. And I’m not saying that I regret the things I said, or that I’d ever take them back, because I absolutely meant what I said. But it’d be good for El’s uncle to be there for her on her birthday, because family is important and shit. So, we cool?


Connor: You are such an ass, you know that? Yeah, we’re cool.


Party time! Everyone the Gallant’s know is there, even their bosses(which is, in retrospect, kind of weird). Madison VanWatson and Emma Hatch have a brief standoff over who gets to snuggle the poop pellet, but Madison wins and gets to hug the little stinker. Hank face-palms over their poor interior decorating choices. Brienne belatedly wonders if, perhaps, her house isn’t classy enough to have guests over. Tiff gets stuck in the door.

So, you know, a pretty typical sims birthday party.


Jared and Emma: Haha you’re old now!

Brienne: Love, could you not.


Eyy she’s got legs!


It’s Jared’s adult birthday as well, so he hops up to the cake next.


Eyy he’s got wrinkles!

Jared’s butt: Let me sing you the song of my people.

Miraculously, Jared does not get a Midlife Crisis. I know, I know, I’m shocked too. He’s a middle-aged man living in a tiny little boxhouse with one estranged daughter and one tiny poopy daughter, you’d think he’d be a bit more concerned bout that. Oh well.


El’s a pretty cute little toddler, I must say. I wish she could’ve gotten her mom’s blue eyes, but it’s nice that at least some of Jared’s features got passed on.

You may have noticed that I haven’t changed Eleanor’s hair/clothing – yeeeeah. I’m pretty unmotivated to mess with a sim’s look until they’re old enough to dress themselves, so unless something really bugs me you’re gonna be seeing a lot of odd game-generated outfits on Gallant toddlers.


Father-daughter skilling time.


Father-daughter learning time.

And to wrap it up…


Mailman: Screw this I’m outta here.

Tiffany: Come back and fight me like a man!

Hmm, this chapter is kind of filler-y too, isn’t it? Welp. *shrug*

Jared keeps rolling wishes to hang out with Connor or invite him over, which is heartwarming but also hilarious when he immediately starts yelling at him. Jared, my dude, you are an asshole. And I love you.

Thanks for reading, leave me a comment if you’ve enjoyed! A special shout-out here to the wonderful people on the boolprop forum, you guys are seriously the greatest. ❤


Disclaimer: This is my first time in this legacy using a mod that really changes gameplay beyond changing StoryProgression or limiting Imaginary Friend dolls, so it could be considered “cheaty”. It’s a handy little thing from Mod the Sims that allows your sim to cancel their time off of work if they’d like. Honestly, I don’t feel bad about using it, because maternity leave drags on and oooon and keeping the entire time off is hugely limiting to female sims. I talk about this a bit in my So What is a Legacy Challenge Anyway? header, but basically I’m going to consider this permissible so long as I only use it to affect maternity leave, not honeymoon days off or season holidays.

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2 thoughts on “1.6 A Little Older, Not Much Wiser

  1. Tiffany is growing to be one of my favorite legacy dogs ever.

    Faithful’s over here like “look! Look! Look! Hoomans! I found this expensive, awesome meteor and somehow dragged it back here!”
    and Tiff is like “Whatev… did you see how I protect and defend? Bitch, I’m fabulous.”

    I love that Tiff was Jared’s dog too and Faithful was Brienne’s… it’s just… so reflective of their personalities. XD

    Don’t even worry about using the no maternity leave mod. Honestly I feel so long as you’re in the spirit of the rules it doesn’t matter. The important thing is you have fun with it.

    You mention having Story Progression in, so I’m surprised Pauline and Hank are still together given their traits and nature. Ah, Story Progression works in mysterious ways.

    I can’t wait for the next chapter. I bet Eleanor grows up gorgeous – even without those big blue eyes that you had hoped to see.


    • Tiff is the best, tbh. And Faithful is a massive derp-dog who actually gets shit done.
      (I love them.)
      Pauline and Hank are not only together, I keep getting pop-ups about what a sickeningly cute couple they are. Still not married, but they do have two sons, one of whom is roughly Eleanor’s age. 😉
      I’ve played a little ahead, and I’ve gotta say – El does make one cute kid.


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