1.7 Winter is Coming

Last time, rocks were dug, truces were made, and birthdays were had. This time, the house is upgraded and I am intimidated by my sim.

There are a few problems with the current house configuration.


For one, the main room is a studio layout, which means no bedrooms, which means no doors to lock pets out with, which means I have issues like this where Brienne gets trapped in bed by her dog and is late to work.


There’s also a screaming toddler waking up Brienne in the middle of the night(Jared sleeps like a log and doesn’t even twitch).


The place is just too cramped for two adults, a toddler and their two large dogs to maneuver around one another comfortably. On this particular morning, Brienne got stuck behind the dogs for half an hour trying to walk twenty feet to the fridge, then stood there waiting as Jared grabbed his breakfast for another twenty minutes while the carpool honked at her outside.

All in all, the place has got to change.


Behold, Box 2.0! It’s been extended a bit to one side to allow for bedrooms to be added, the bathroom’s enlarged, and there’s a new partition between the main room and the kitchen nook. And there’s actual wallpaper and flooring now.

Their shitty shower got upgraded into the nice shower/bath combo.


Because someone needed a flea bath.


Brienne also gets a shiny new computer to write her police reports on, because plumbob knows she’s writing a lot of them.


You would not believe what kind of incriminating evidence the Altos keep tossing out in the trash. (And yes, that is Vita Alto walking home in the background. No, she didn’t notice Brienne waist-deep in her trashcan.)


The only real problem is the constantly broken sink.

Brienne: Curse my overly strong arms!

Jared: Babe, get out of my goddamn kitchen when I’m cooking.


And I do mean constantly.

Brienne: Damn you, meaty fingers, do something right for once.

(Get a load of that bicep! Wowza, am I right gentlemen? *eyebrow waggle*)


Faithful: Hmm. I knew I shoulda taken that left turn at Albuquerque.

I noticed that Faithful’s mood was plummeting but she wasn’t coming home to rest, so I checked to see what was up, and saw this.

What is she doing in the gym? Are there diamonds stuffed inside the exercise machines or something?!


Faithful: Durrr


Brienne: My angel, you are so small. Take care to rest well, that you may grow up big and strong like your mother.






Jared: Eh heh-heh. Gotcha good, didn’t I, kid?



I got this feeling like, somebody’s watching me~…


Jared’s experiments in cooking up baby food are less than successful, not that Eleanor seems to mind.

El: Yay foo’!

Jared: Kid, I am really hoping this whole inheriting your mom’s tastebuds is a temporary thing.




Brienne: Winter is coming.

Winter is here, stupid. And that’s not even your line!

…Sweet squad car, though.


El is glued to her skilling materials 90% of the time; it’s not quite an assembly line(credit to the Decasims), but it certainly gets the job done. At this point she’s just about done; she just needs to finish her logic skill books.


Brienne: The french toast you cooked for us this morning was of course delightful, my love. But I would like to perhaps see more of that delicious salad.

Jared: I want a fucking divorce.


Jared: Salad. I’ve married a heathen.


I forget the exact context here – I think Jared had invited Christopher over to ask for a promotion(his performance bar was completely full, it just didn’t tick over before he left work). They, uh, they don’t see eye to eye.

Chris: Mr. Gallant, you know your work performance relies on your good relationship with all of your coworkers, right? That means Yumi Sekemoto as well as Emma.

Jared: Yeah, whatever. It’s not like the crone’s gonna last long anyway.

Chris: *gasp* How callous!

Jared: *scoff* How sensitive!

He did get the promotion though, so apparently stone-cold bitchness is more valued in the culinary world than valuing your coworkers lives.


Tiff and Faithful’s lives are dedicated to hunting down valuables, but I do occasionally let them have time off to goof around together. They recently became friends, despite Tiff’s aggressive trait making her growl at anything that moves.

That stone hydrant behind her is one of several unique collectables you can get with a dog. Your dog cannot, however, pee on it, which kind of spoils the fun of it for me.


Brienne decides to celebrate the change in weather by rolling a wish to go swimming.

‘What the fuck,’ I mumble under my breath, but send her down to the beach, clicking over to Jared in case he needs to emergency defrost her.


But apparently Brienne is just that hardcore, because instead of frostbite she gets a nifty little ‘Polar Bear Club’ moodlet.

Brienne: Of course! Because I am mighty as a bear.

I’m actually a little bit intimidated by her.


Invigorated by her freezing-cold dip in the ocean, she returns home to her scantily-clad husband.


Brienne: I must remember to swim in subzero temperatures more often!

Jared*over the sounds of rock-a-bye-baby*: You did what?!

This chapter basically covers the entirety of Eleanor’s toddler-hood, which is why it’s all over the place like this. Just needed to get stuff going.

I am getting happier with the quality of my pictures, a least. The camera manipulation tools can be pretty clunky but I’m starting to get the hang of it.

Thanks for reading, I hope you had as much fun reading this chapter as I did writing it! 😀




4 thoughts on “1.7 Winter is Coming

  1. I would’ve been *so* disappointed if you *hadn’t* used that line. You did it.
    You did it well.
    (clears throat)
    “Winter is coming.”

    Poor Faithful… after you pointed it out… all I see is this derpy dog that’s so adorable while Tiff is the aggressive one and… XD It’s too much.
    Eleanor is adorable!
    Jared and his kitchen…
    Also, I *died* laughing at the “beefy arms” bit. XD “Curse my strong muscles.”
    Oh honey, I’d *love* to have those muscles.


    • Glad the reference went over well! I’m trying to keep the pop culture jokes to a minimum, but I *had* to. I have a much more subtle reference coming up in a few chapters which I think you’ll appreciate. 😉
      I feel really bad about poor Faithful, because she really is a sweetheart, and she’s technically the real ‘Legacy’ dog since she was the first in the family. But Tiffany is just so much more entertaining!
      *God,* Brienne’s arms…
      I don’t notice it as much when I’m playing, but when I’m going over screenshots to use in the story her muscles really stand out. I’m peanut butter and jealous over a sim’s physique, it’s ridiculous.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I keep on dying reading this… my god. Everything fits so nicely together, which makes it hilarous to read. Even if it becomes a problem when I can’t go two sentences without stopping and catching my breath. But oh well, what can one do.

    Nice! House upgrade! So good for them and their kid… and dogs… and all housegnomes… and their furniture. Awesome.

    Haha, Brienne loves her salad… Oh Jared… haha “Salad. I’ve married a heathen.”… that was hilarous. But no Jared, no divorce for you… until death do you apart, remember? Haha.


    • XD Thank you! It’s nice to hear someone else thinks I’m as funny as I do! 😉

      Yeeeah, that house expansion was sorely needed. After the third time a dog blocked someone from going to the bathroom because it was asleep on the floor, I decided enough was enough.

      Honestly, my favorite par of Brienne and Jared’s relationship is the difference between them. He’s grouchy but responsible, she’s noble but would probably get scurvy if left on her own. I love them!


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