2.1 A New Era



Catherine: Holy hell, I won! El, I’m the heir!

El: Meh. Never really wanted the job anyways. Congrats, you little squirt.

That’s right! The votes are in, and Catherine is by far the winner! Technically she’s still a teenager, but also technically I don’t care. *shrug* Welcome to Gen 2!


The sisters celebrate with a quick trip to Egypt.

Day 1


Catherine is hired by a local to go digging through a nearby tomb for some lost business papers. She diplomatically choses not to ask how the hell they ended up in an ancient tomb in the first place.


El puts her friendly trait to use making international connections in the marketplace.


Catherine: Potentially cursed ancient tombs? Hell yes!! I just wish I had a camera with me.


Catherine: I would photograph the shit out of that skeleton.


Catherine: Hurk!

Gold star for effort, kid.




El autonomously tells the special merchant some ghost stories in broad daylight, because of course she does.


Catherine returns to her employer with the folder covered in “CONFIDENTIAL” and “DO NOT READ” stamps, but he seems…a little uncomfortable.

Sketchy Man: A-hem, yes, very good work. Erm. You wouldn’t-you wouldn’t happen to be related to that young lady who swam in the public fountain earlier, would you?

Catherine: …


Catherine: I’m sure I have no idea what you’re talking about.


He coughs uncomfortably a few more times before sending her on to some lackey who needs her to collect turquoise.


Catherine: Ok. Right. Turquoise. Hey, random voice in the sky!

Uh. Yeah?

Catherine: Is there any turquoise at all showing up on the map right now?


Catherine: I thought as much.


Catherine: Tell you what, if any shows up, I’ll be right here trying to lure out a venomous snake. At least this way I’m learning a skill.




Catherine: Oh, wow, a real-life present? What is it?

El: Open it and find out.

Catherine…Just so you know, if this is a snake I have no problem with throwing it at your head.

El: Your suspicion wounds me, lil sis.


It is in fact a camera and Photography skill book, because El does have some good judgement. Catherine promptly glues herself to the book.

Catherine: Grab me some turquoise if you see it, m’kay?

Day 2


El spends most of the day running around after collectables and anything that happened to catch her eye in the desert.

El: Ugh, is this what it’s like to be one of the dogs? Fucking lame!


She was also hired to get a photo of a floortrap for some tourism brochure, so she drags Catherine out of camp by her ear.

El: Alright paparazzi, let’s get this show on the road!

Catherine: You could take this picture yourself, you know.

El: Aww, but this is supposed to be me and you time! You know, burying the hatchet of competition, putting out the flames of rivalry…

Catherine: What rivalry? You didn’t even want to be heir!

El: Eh. True. Too much pressure.


El: Hey lady, I’ve got your tourist-bait picture right here! Oh hey, it’s you again! Uh, what’s your name- Special Merchant Lady!

Local: …Perhaps you mean Inji Ameen?

El: Right, like I said, Special Merchant Lady.

Inji: You foreigners are very odd. In any case, thank you for the photograph.

Day 3


Her sister somehow managed to scrounge up enough turquoise for Catherine to turn in that mission, so she moves onto the next step of schmoozing with some townspeople to get info on MorcuCorp. She’s never heard of them back in SimNation, but apparently they’re a big deal here in Egypt.


When I checked in on El, I found here hanging out with Inji again, trading friendly hugs back and forth non-stop.

Alright then.


Catherine: Ismael, it was so cool! It was, like, an ancient tomb, and- What? Yeah, of course there were mummies! Big ones! I had to run for my life!

At some point that dishonest streak is going to bite her in the butt, but not today. Ismael is overjoyed at the news of occult activity, and grills her for information to add to his notes.

As soon as the girls get back, it’s time for Brienne’s birthday bash.


It goes about as well as expected.



‘Deadpan Dancing’ is the new viral challenge.

He in no way has earned the right to give Catherine that judgmental look.


Blair: Part of me wants to ask, but the other part says I’m better off not knowing.


The actual ‘birthday’ part of the party goes off without a hitch.


Brienne: I would like to ask why you find the need to study in my stepson’s nursery, but I fear I would not care for the answer.

Ismael: I’m sorry, ma’am. It’s just that Bedivere is simply fascinating; there have of course been studies on the effect of Twinbrook’s peculiar radiation on it’s citizens, but I’ve never seen such a strong reaction in someone so young! If I could only run a few tests-

Brienne: And it appears I was right. I don’t care for the answer. Kindly get out of my house.


This picture speaks for itself.


Catherine finally gets permission from her mother to make the phonecall she’s been waiting for for a long, long time.


This little foal is the newest member of the Gallant family! His name is Danger.

Catherine has zero actual experience with real life horses, so she went with calling him what sounded to her like an intimidating racehorse name.


Not the most promising of introductions.


He is pretty darn cool-looking, though.


Err, sorry about that. School got a little hectic for a while and I didn’t have the energy to make myself write up a chapter. Whoops.

That little glitch you see up there with Danger is only the beginning, trust me. I don’t know why I decided to give my heir a story revolving around horses, I really don’t. (Sims 3 horses and Mac graphics do not mix well.)

So, Catherine is officially the Generation 2 heir! Thank you to everyone who voted(all 4 of you, lol), and everyone else still reading!

-Mo ❤


4 thoughts on “2.1 A New Era

  1. Woo! A few days behind myself. It’s been a hectic week! I was so happy to see a Gallant Legacy update though! Catherine is so pretty, I’m glad she won too, though now I feel bad because *horses* and games never go well.

    The Egypt scene of two sisters was lovely, and Ismael better watch his back!

    Lovely chapter though! I’m always glad to read along!


    • Lol yeah, horses are the eternal wrench in the works of a functional game. Here’s hoping I don’t regret that decision too much!
      *snort* Ismael really stuck his foot in his mouth. He doesn’t *actually* want to turn his girlfriend’s baby brother into a science experiment, he just…accidentally made it sound like that?

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Omg that was so Jared, dancing on the counter like nobody’s watching! Haha. Love it.

    Sisterly bounding in Egypt, nice. And nice that Catharine got a camera, getting all those fancy pictures to have/sell/put in the house/whatever she wants. Awesome!

    Aww… a horse! This is going to be fun… and good luck… horses… haha, they are nice, but at the same time… it can easily become a harder task… my my.
    Almost there, almost caught up! 😀 Makes me happy, and sad… but as I have said a lot of times before, I really enjoy reading this. But take it easy, I know how school can be with stuff, so it’s easily to understand if it takes time to get an update out. nYou have priorites certain things and sometimes you don’t have the energy. Just take it your pace, I know that I do 🙂


    • Thank you so much for understanding! I try to get as much out as I can, as fast as I can, but sometimes life gets in the way, or I just don’t have the inspiration to keep writing. It helps a lot to know that people aren’t getting impatient waiting! ❤


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