2.3 The Queen’s Faithful Servant

Last time, the Gallant’s got a maid and Bedivere and Danger had their birthdays. This time, time marches ever forward and the family continues to be ridiculous.

Life with the Gallant’s continues as ever.


Brienne and Jared cuddle at every opportunity…


…Faithful and Tiff spend their twilight years goofing off the way they couldn’t when they were hunting down gems 24/7…


…Catherine takes Danger out to test their racing skills…


…El is exasperated by anything and everything to do with her family, and Bedivere is as clueless as he always is.


Although the seasons change and the scenery gets adjusted to fit the household’s needs, the Gallant’s remain the same.


But nothing






Faithful, you will be missed.


Jared is the most affected by Faithful’s passing – he’s nearing the end of his own life, and the sudden reminder of leaving his family behind hurts more than he’d ever realized.


Not to mention, Tiff and Faithful were the same age. No one knows what it is exactly that makes Grim come for one sim over another, but now that Faithful’s gone, Tiffany won’t be around for much longer.

The family’s collective grieving gets put on hold, however, when the time comes for Catherine’s birthday.


In Sunset Valley, it’s traditional to invite literally everyone in your family, even the ones you’d kind of rather avoid. Deshaun here might be Catherine’s cousin, but now that she’s met him she’s regretting letting him in the door.

Deshaun: I can’t believe someone in my family could be so gauche as to be seen with a unicorn of all things! They’re such awfully kitschy creatures.

Catherine: I…what? I don’t – Deshaun, you know unicorns aren’t real, right?

Deshaun: *scoff* That’s just what THEY want us to think.

Catherine: …I’m gonna walk away now.


Ismael may be a little divorced from social norms, but at least he isn’t actually crazy.



Ismael: Happy birthday Catherine! *TOOT-TOOT*

El: You fuck her heart up and I’ll fuck you up.

Bedivere: Yay birthday cake!


Catherine: Hey Bedivere, do you mind washing these di-HOLY FUCK.

Deshaun: Greetings, cousin.

Catherine: Get the hell out of my bathroom.


Cheri: Hey, don’t sweat it, Mr. G. Even after you die, you’ll probably get to see your family as a ghost.

Jared: Kid, you’re completely delusional, but I appreciate the thought.



Catherine: …I hate this family.

Awright, we’re in Gen 2 for realsies now! Catherine aged up with the adventurous trait, making her final personality Excitable, Virtuoso, Equestrian, Photographer’s Eye, and Adventurous. She’s almost definitely gonna end up being one of the stereotypical Idle Rich with 5 million hobbies.

I originally had a whole other plan to segue into Catherine’s forgotten dream/unicorn-encounter, but that autonomous conversation with Deshaun derailed everything. Supernatural Skeptic trait is MVP.

I am SO SORRY about this delay between chapters, college picked up without warning and I just haven’t been in the right headspace to write AT ALL. I’m gonna try to get as many chapters written while I’m on spring break as I can so I can queue them up over the next few weeks, so hopefully there won’t be a month-long gap again.

Thank you everyone for your patience!

-Mo ❤


2 thoughts on “2.3 The Queen’s Faithful Servant

  1. Oh don’t you just love those random crazy cousins, Catherine? UNICORNS WANT YOU TO BELIEVE THEY DON’T EXIST.
    Catherine: ….

    It’s so sad to see Faithful go… but honestly I’m going to ball my eyes out when we lose Tiff.
    I’m getting sentimental just thinking about it. ❤
    I can't wait to see our darling Catherine in action. Brienne has set her up fairly well for a nice life, and I hope she enjoys it… and that you don't kill yourself on the Riding Skill/Horses. 😉

    Anyways don't apologize for the space between updates, I know how it is sometimes. College sucks. 😛


    • Hehe, I can tell already that I’m gonna have a lot of fun with Deshaun… *rubs hands together maniacally*

      Tiff is truly the real star of this legacy, it won’t be the same with her gone. The old girl’s been enjoying her retirement, at least.

      Thanks for being understanding, Livvie! College is great, but it really does kick your ass when you’re least expecting it, lol ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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