2.6 Who You Gonna Call?

Last time, Bedivere hit the weirdest puberty ever, and Ismael agreed to secretly help him figure out what the #%$@ is going on. This time, I B.S. my way through science and the gang goes on vacation.


Being a professional Ghost Hunter is basically heaven for Ismael, the nerd. He gets to spend all night running around town in a jumpsuit covered in suspicious stains that he “liberated” from the science facility, flashing lights from his weird doohickey at sentient mist.

He wishes he had time to properly study the spirits he captures, but his ongoing tests on Bedivere leave him with very little time for other projects.


Ismael: Your genetics are truly fascinating, Bedivere. The basis of your DNA is undeniably human, but it’s almost as though someone went through the individual strands and edited certain parts.

Bedivere: Well, yeah. I am a green radiation mutant, remember?

Ismael: But that’s just it! Mutations resulting from radiation are random, and often damaging. What you have is deliberate and precise. I’d almost call it surgical. Moreover, the readings I’m getting from your brainwaves are…unique. Your brain is constantly sending out data, but I can’t tell what or who is receiving it.

Bedivere: So I’m…not a mutant. What am I then, a science experiment?!

Ismael: To put it bluntly, yes. I’ll need to run more tests to see what the changes were meant to accomplish.

Bedivere: …Do it. I’m sick of people lying to me.

Ismael and Bedivere both experiment non-stop.


Ismael seems to think that he can engineer something capable of reading whatever is being beamed out of Bedivere’s head. He calls it a “Psychic Transference Analyzer” – Bedivere stopped listening to the details around the time he started quoting mathematic formulas.


His job is to keep practicing with his newfound abilities. Ismael wants to know how much damage he can fix, what his limit is, if the mental impressions he’s getting lessen or increase when he uses his other powers, etc.


Because he doesn’t need to sleep, Bedivere is often the only one awake when a ghostly presence visits.


Bedivere: I’m not sure what’s happening right now, but I don’t like it.


Old friends bonding.


Ismael only feels a little guilty about not telling Brienne anything. In the midst of preparing for El’s wedding, she seems much calmer about Catherine’s longtime boyfriend, and it would be terrible to ruin that cautious peace because of a few simple tests he’s running on her son. Right?

He pushes that thought aside – that wasn’t what he wanted to talk about with her today anyway.


Ismael: Mrs. Gallant, I know we didn’t get off on the right foot. And I know that you don’t approve of me, or trust that I have Catherine’s best interests at heart. And I know that I’m not a reputable member of the community, and that you have no reason to like me, and-

Brienne: Get to the point, if you please.

Ismael: Right. Er. Well, Catherine and I want to spend our lives together, which would make me a part of your family. The last thing I want to do is create tension between Catherine and you, so if there’s anything I can do to earn your approval… I’ll do it.


Brienne: My dear boy, are you asking for my daughter’s hand in marriage?

Ismael: …Not exactly? More your blessing-

Brienne: Oh, this is excellent! More grandchildren to be had! Neither of my daughters will be spinsters! You will be taking her name, of course? Of course you will. Jared! Come quick! We have another wedding to plan!


Catherine: What did you do.

Bedivere: He won over mom is what he did! She’s got babies on the brain, this is basically the best way to get her to like him.

Ismael: I didn’t even say anything! She came up with weddings all on her own!

Catherine: Ugh. I am not staying in a house with my wedding-crazy mother.

Ismael: Well, I hear China is lovely this time of year.

Catherine: Huh. You know, that might actually work.


Jared: Good fucking morning you little punks! Who wants gourmet salmon for breakfast? ‘Cause you’re not getting any! It’s all for me! Muahaha!

Catherine: China definitely works. Bed, grab El, I’m calling the travel agency.

Bedivere: *squee* I’m finally gonna learn how to be a Sim Fu master!


And so, the entirety of Generation 2 ended up in poorly rendered Shang Simla.

Damn my computer’s graphics.

This chapter is shorter than usual, but I want all of the vacation nonsense to happen in one chapter, and there was A LOT of nonsense.

Aside from that, I’m just happy that I finally have a storyline worked out for Bedivere. I can’t just have an alien sim and not go into a whole sci-fi subplot surrounding him, you know? In case any of this isn’t clear right now;

  1. Brienne, Jared, El, and Catherine all know that Bedivere is an alien of some sort, but no-one outside the household does.
  2. The official story is that Bedivere was an adopted victim of a radiation leak, but Ismael’s tests are making that story look very flimsy.
  3. No one except Bedivere and Ismael know about these tests.
  4. Bedivere is accidentally connecting to some kind of “hive mind,” which was already aware of him but is surprised that he was able to contact it. He can hear it, but not understand it.
  5. For whatever reason, Gen 2’s cousin Deshaun is aware of the presence of aliens, and knows or guesses that Bedivere is one.

Aaaand that’s all we know for now. It’s all ~very mysterious~.

Oh, and one last thing:


El finished her self-portrait and Catherine’s portrait, which gives me another 2 legacy points. That brings my total score up to 10.

Thank you for reading! -Mo ❤


4 thoughts on “2.6 Who You Gonna Call?

  1. Yay! Look at you cruising through collecting points for the legacy! This is exciting!
    In a story sense, I love Bedivere. He’s very interesting and I’m coming around to Ismael, so long as he’s good to both Catherine and Bedivere!

    (whispers) I’m still secretly glad we haven’t lost Tiff yet… *crosses fingers*


    • *fingerguns* Bedivere and Ismael are gonna be getting a lot more screentime in the future – The boys need some love too! I’m glad you like them so far!

      Tiff is definitely still with us! I’m getting a little worried, actually – I had Ideas for the story but while she’s around I don’t have the room in the house to make them reality @__@ I /am/ glad to have the toughest Gallant stick around this long though 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This just keeps getting interesting and I love the whole plot with Bedivere and how Ismael is helping. Hive mind… that’s a pretty cool point of interest and makes me excited to read more! It’s so fun to see how the family develops and what cool plots you come up with! Keep it up! 😀

    Haha, Brienne… just wants grandchildren. I can understand that, since she’s also getting older and probably wants to see a youngling before passing. But still hilarious! XD


    • First off, I am so sorry for replying to your comment…*checks calendar*…yikes, almost a year later.

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the story (which I AM still working on, I promise)! I had a moment when I was deciding how I wanted this generation go where I sat down and realized that neither Bedivere or Ismael had a real “storyline.” Solution? Throw them together! Instant geekery!

      Oh, Brienne… I’m taking a lot of inspiration from her Proper trait when writing her. I see her as being very focused on “family values,” so she wants her daughters to be married and successful, and she REALLY wants them to carry on her lineage. I think of her as being a modern day knight/noblewoman.


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