2.9 Oh Right, This Is A Legacy Challenge

Last time, Catherine had a bizarre and disturbing dream conversation with a glowing horse about her green alien brother. Somehow she wasn’t high at the time. This time, run of the mill legacy nonsense.


Catherine isn’t sure what she did in a past life to deserve this family, but she’s sincerely sorry for whatever it was.

Catherine: You do all realize this is a vacation, right? As in, leave your work at home?

El: Buzz off little sis, my editor’s been riding my ass and I’m almost done with this chapter.

Bedivere, from the next room where he’s washing dishes: SORRY, WHAT DID YOU SAY?

The vacation that wasn’t wraps up, and everyone returns to the land of Mom and her wedding fever.


Brienne and El continue to not see eye to eye on… Well, on anything.

Brienne: You must wear something special for your wedding! If not a gown, then at least some other sort of formal attire! My love, tell her!

Jared: Hmm? Yes, whatever you say, dear.

El: Ohhhhh myyyyyyy goddddddddd.


Catherine: Who’s a good widdle horsie! Who’s mama’s widdle baby boy!

Danger: *sigh* I am. I am a good “widdle horsie.”


So badass! We’ve come so far!




As her horsewoman career progresses by inches, Catherine adjusts her casual outfits to fit her dedication. El applauds her for making the brave decision to switch to jodhpurs.


The morning of El’s wedding dawns with her penning the finishing words of her final novel, a soon to be best-seller. A hit. A truly genre-changing piece of literature. Her “pièce de résistance,” if you will.

It’s titled, “Pharma Bro Pounded In The Butt By T-Rex Comedian Bill Murky And A Clan Of Triceratops Rappers Trying To Get Their Album Back.”


Out in the backyard, the two sisters bond, conveniently showing off the new scenery and wedding arch set up in the middle of Catherine’s race track. (I’m very proud of it.)

El compromised with Brienne on her wedding dress by wearing something that is technically formalwear, but is also technically the kind of thing you’d see in the club.


The entire extended family and friends shows up to clog up the front door in the dismal pouring rain. Also Morgana Wolff is there for some reason? You can see her mourning her dead husband in the hydrangeas.

Brienne recognizes her as one of the crazy women who crashed her adult birthday party way back when, but politely says nothing.


Leo: I am so blessed to be marrying this wonderful woman.

El: Ughh, can’t I just go paint or something?

This beautiful moment is brought to you by the terrible rainy-day lighting of Sims 3 Seasons.


From left to right: Bedivere, Brienne, Cheri(El’s friend from high-school and Deshaun’s wife), Catherine, Leo and El Gallant, Morgana the party-crasher, cousin Deshaun, uncle Connor, Ismael, and Jared. Connie was invited but never showed up 😦

Not that the family seems to mind.


El: Oh hey, is that the plumber over there? Mad awkward, bro.


The happy couple waits only long enough to wave goodbye before they both sprint off towards the street.


Apparently, they had planned a quick getaway by cab. I – I didn’t realize that moving someone out during marriage meant that they immediately left their own wedding party.



Ismael: Quick, while they’re all distracted by the runaways, let’s make out!

Morgana: Don’t mind me. Just standing right next to you. Minding my own business. It’s like I’m not even here.



Things have been way too hectic recently – between El’s wedding, their careers, and whatever the hell is going on with Bedivere, Catherine and Ismael haven’t had much time to themselves. All the same, they’ve been planning on marriage since they graduated from high school, and Catherine decides that it’s high time she got a move on with this whole “family legacy” shtick.



Catherine: Sooo, whadya say we make this thing official?


Ismael: Heck yes, I am so ready to be a kept man!


What a couple of dorks.


Catherine + various priceless archeological artifacts looted from China. Because she’s classy like that.


Because of his job, Ismael gets to see a lot of the familial chaos that afflicts this town.


On this particular night, he’s called in to deal with a poltergeist problem at the Landgraab mansion. Except, it’s not called the Landgraab mansion anymore – that blond fellow behind him is Malcolm Mae, recent new husband to the incredibly elderly Zelda Mae. Ismael has the distinct impression that the spirits he’s exorcising might be the furious spirits of Malcolm’s deceased parents.


Later that night he gets called in to the household of Malcolm’s ex-wife, Iliana Langerak (now Iliana Landgraab), who’s currently living in a tiny one-bedroom house with their children. Those girls in the foreground are their teenage and toddler daughters.

Ismael: You know what, I just don’t want to know.

When El asked Brienne out for lunch at the Bistro, this was honestly the last thing she was expecting.


No pun intended?

Brienne: That was…much faster than I anticipated.

El: Eh. You know how it is. One minute, you’re getting that sweet, sweet nookie, and the next you’re hearing rock-a-bye baby and rolling wishes to read maternity books.


While his family experiences the drama of love and childbirth, Bedivere throws himself into the martial arts he learned in China. It’s very calming, even if there is a creepy laundry gnome in time-out in the corner.

If it seems like Bedivere is a little anti-social, it’s because he is. H ehasn’t made a single friend who he isn’t related to in some form or fashion.


At prom, not only is he the best dressed guy there, he’s also the only sim I’ve ever had who ended prom as single as they were when they went in. Not that he seems to care.


He just starts a family garden. With the same creepy gnome.



For those of you Tiff-lovers out there, fear not! The old girl is as spry and cranky as ever!


Even if she does let mailmen escape these days.

Alright, have a little break from the serious stuff. Here’s some of your regularly scheduled Gallant nonsense!

The Landgraab-Mae family might win the award for “Even Weirder Than The Local Legacy Family, Somehow,” which would be quite the accomplishment for townies! Rich people, man.

Letting El go was HEARTBREAKING, but she’s getting to be middle-aged and I want to leave her to the mercies of StoryProgression set her free before she gets any older. 😦

By finishing that last book, she bumped her writing skill up to level 10, completing her LTW to be an Illustrious Author, which in turn bumped her LTH over 100k, which nets me 2 points in one go! Holla!

Oh, and disclaimer: All of El’s novels are named after the real-world works of Chuck Tingle. DO NOT look up his name if you’re at work/with your grandma/etc.

Thank you all for reading, following this blog, and commenting!

-Mo ❤

Total points: 12


2 thoughts on “2.9 Oh Right, This Is A Legacy Challenge

  1. TIFF!
    Oh you beautiful writer, you! You put in a Tiff moment. ❤
    I love these chapters as much as the story-heavy ones. I remember when I was first telling Sim stories, I would have light chapters then plot heavy chapters… and slowly plot heavy consumed my soul and I can't go back. XD
    Anyways, I'm so happy for El and Leo! I also love those dorks Catherine and Ismael – whose name I think I may have actually spelled right without having to go look at it!!!
    (goes to check anyways)
    I DID.
    *throws confetti*
    Anyways, on a story front you've got a very exciting storyline… on a legacy front LOOK AT YOU GO!
    You can do this!
    This was the best thing to come home from my honeymoon to!
    Also I cannot wait to see El's little baby – I wonder if she'll look as good as her mama?


    • *throws pictures of Tiff at you* I would love to have more of the wonder dog honestly, but all she does these days is growl at people, block paths and pee on the floor. @__@

      We’ve officially hit the marriage/baby fever portion of this generation, so expect loads of cute from both couples!

      Aaaaahh, thank you! As usual, your comments are lovely! ^w^

      Liked by 1 person

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