2.11 Baby Fever

Last time, the heiress got married and went on her honeymoon. This time, BABIES. And Bedivere fails at romance.


After returning from their honeymoon, Catherine almost immediately has a midnight puke session. And we all know what that means!

…And no, there’s no tiberium in her inventory.


Catherine: So, I’m probably pregnant.

Brienne: My dear, that’s wonderful news! We shall have to set you up with a nursery, I’m sure Bedivere would be happy to move into Eleanor’s old room, and then you’ll be right next door to the baby. Oh, and I suppose we must get the old crib out of storage…

Catherine: Mm-hm. You might also want to think about not wearing your underwear everywhere, unless you want to scar the little guy for life.

Brienne: Don’t be medieval, child.

Speaking of babies, El gave birth to a baby boy! His name is…



Way to be anticlimactic El, jeez. The family tree panel tells me that he’s grumpy, but also good like his dad. Here’s hoping I remember him often enough to include him in the story!


Judging by that stupid cross-eyed expression, Catherine’s either just aged-up or about to grow a baby bump. And her birthday isn’t for another week.



Catherine: Am I happy or do I have a facial twitch? We just don’t know.

Grandma and Grandpa get to work readying themselves for the next generation.


Brienne finally retires, much to the disappointment of the SVPD. She’s been their best agent for years, but there’s only so long a woman with a full age bar can stay on call for emergencies, especially when there’s about to be a baby in the house.


Jared has been retired for a while, but he starts putting his fancy fridge and 10th level cooking to use stocking up on meals for future generation. He’s over 100 by now, and Grim really could come for him at any moment.


Of course, the parents-to-be are celebrating too, in their own way.


Oh, you crazy kids.


Catherine had a wish to get a massage, so I sent her down to the local Day Spa. While she was there, she bought into a partnership, and went further into town to buy out the bookstore(which was promptly renamed Catherine’s Book Nook). The Gallants don’t have enough funds yet to buy out the Day Spa, but that’s next on the real estate agenda.



Aw, look at her! So psyched about being a mama. She rolled a wish for a boy, and Ismael rolled a wish for a girl, so I’m not bothering to influence the gender either way.


Bedivere: Oh wow, I think I can hear it!

Catherine: I should hope so, considering how your ear is inside my stomach.


A typical day in the Gallant household. Brienne ignoring her phone, Catherine and Ismael sucking face, Tiff begging for food, and Bedivere cheerfully ignoring all of it. Jared is just off-screen dancing in his underwear, probably.


Jared’s mean-spirited trait is really starting to make itself felt, unfortunately. Before, everyone was occupied with either work or skilling, but since Brienne is retired, Catherine can’t ride Danger while pregnant, and Ismael’s still on vacation from getting married, everyone but Bedivere is free for him to harass at all hours of the day. And, because his mean interactions pop up autonomously, I have to constantly keep an eye on him when he’s talking to family.

Even with my intervention, Jared’s relationship with his family has taken a serious hit, and it requires some thinking outside of the box to fix.


Ismael: Er, is this the “shovel talk,” sir? I mean no disrespect, but I’m afraid it’s a little late for that…

Jared: Nah, don’t worry about it kid. Catherine doesn’t trust me to have a conversation with you unsupervised, because I keep, “Shouting for no reason,” and, “Tearing the family apart,” so instead we’re gonna sit here, real quiet like, and play some video games.


It works surprisingly well; by which I mean, Jared doesn’t have a chance to start shouting or insulting his son-in-law’s mother. By those standards, it’s 100% better than any of their past interactions!


The same trick works pretty well with Brienne too, which is nice. Unfortunately, his relationship with Catherine has drained almost entirely, so she’s going to require some hands-on socializing.

Speaking of hands-on socializing…


Bedivere doesn’t normally hang out with other kids from school, but he was invited over to Kiley Alvi-Alto’s house today and decided to go with it. She may be an Alto, but her mom Holly was disowned when she left home to marry Miraj Alvi, so she’s probably good people.


However, she has to got to work almost the minute they arrive at her place, which begs the question of why she even invited him over in the first place. Still, he might as well stay and do homework with her sister Chanel. Who, now that he’s looking, is actually pretty cute, inasmuch as anyone with both Alvi and Alto genes can be cute.


Asking her star sign goes over well, and they’re even compatible!


…But she has a boyfriend. Who is sort of Bedivere’s cousin.

(Well, Bedivere’s cousin Deshaun’s son Raul, but what’s the difference.)

Being a teenager is tough, buddy.

When the time comes for the baby to be born, Catherine and Ismael handle it with characteristic dignity and decorum.





Ismael: Wait, why are you driving? Shouldn’t the one not in labor be behind the wheel?

Catherine: Honey, if I trusted you not to drive us into a lamppost I might consider it. Maybe.


They run into some famous faces at the hospital.

Bella Goth: Oh look, the Gallant heiress! How do you do!

Shut up. You named your daughter Raven Goth, you don’t get to talk to this family.


A few short hours later, little Karla Gallant is brought into the world! She’s named after Boris Karloff, a famous actor best known for playing Frankenstein’s monster in the original 1931 film. Her traits are grumpy, like her cousin Joe, and perceptive. A future P.I., methinks? In any case, as I’ve said, babies in the Sims bore me, so you won’t be seeing much more of her until she’s aged up. *shrug*


Sorry about the delay, I rewrote this chapter about 3 different times and I’m still not 100% happy with it. *shrug* Oh well!

The fun thing about having a self-employed sim is that you don’t have to worry about time off or weekends getting in the way of earnings. The not-fun part is that if you’re kept from your job (like the way pregnant sims can’t ride horses) you have no way to move your job meter up. *pout* So Catherine’s been stuck the past little while with a bunch of big wishes to get promotions in her career, that I had no way of filling. I’ll have to bear that in mind in the future.

I’ve only played a few days ahead of this point, but it’s at least a chapter’s worth of material, so the next update should be out pretty soon.

Karla’s birth is the first of Generation 3, which gives me a point, and Brienne recently bumped over the 200,000 LTH milestone, which gives me another point.

Thank you for reading/liking/commenting!

-Mo ❤

Points: 14


2 thoughts on “2.11 Baby Fever

  1. Woo! Look at you go!

    I totally understand what you mean when you rewrite chapters and still aren’t happy but you’re also kind of like “if I rewrite this one more time I’m going to end up ripping my hair out and screaming expletives.”
    …or maybe that last part is just me. 😉

    Anywho, welcome Karla! I can’t wait to see how she looks as she grows. Also I know what you mean about those wish slots becoming a bother! Ugh, it’s really annoying when your Sim is wanting only big things and then you see littler things you could do for them and yet you can’t because there’s no room…

    Also, poor Bedivere, just wait until he ages up, THEN his pick of girls will get a lot larger.

    Really random, but I’m going to be heartbroken when we lose our founding gen completely… 😦


    • Less “screaming expletives” and more “deadpan muttering every profanity I know under my breath,” but yeah basically. 😉

      My problem with waiting until Bedivere ages up is that StoryProgression is matching up every available adult sim for baby-making. Which means, the sims left are all elders, and I want to see some hybrid alien kids out in the gene-pool! 😡 I might have to pair Bedivere up with a pudding-face NPC. *shudder*

      You and me both, pal. :T

      Liked by 1 person

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