2.12 A Long Overdue Visit (Or Two.)(Or Three!)

Last time, Bedivere experienced teenage rejection and Catherine had a baby. This time…well.


Grandma Brienne absolutely adores little baby Karla. I keep catching her autonomously waking the poor kid up to snuggle her.

Which makes it all the more heartbreaking when this happens:


Brienne: In the restroom, of all places? This is wholly undignified.


Grim: Uhhhhh, did I come to the wrong house…?


Brienne: I mean, really, the restroom? I am a woman of class and taste, the universe must be mocking me.

Grim: Oh there you are. Chop-chop spooky, I’ve got another soul to reap in half an hour.


Brienne: Please, I just want a few more days! My granddaughter was just born last night, I want her to have some memory of me!

Grim: Lady, get in the freaking urn already.


Brienne: *sigh* I suppose I should face death with dignity.

Grim: Thank you. And hey, for what it’s worth, being dead doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll never see your grandkid again.


Jared: *sobs*

Grim: And there’s my cue to leave.


The whole family is heartbroken, as much from the shock as her death itself – Brienne had a maxed out age bar, yes, but Jared was 104 and still going strong. Everyone expected him to be the first Grim came for.


Brienne’s grave goes out back next to Faithful’s. Eventually, this little plot under the tree is going to expand into a full-fledged family graveyard, but for now it’s just the founder and her dog.


Ismael’s career choice combines with his grief over Brienne’s death in a very odd way. He mourns her, yes, but working with ghosts on a daily basis gives him a different perspective on the afterlife.

Speaking of the afterlife, Sam Sekemoto is going to EXPERIENCE IT if he doesn’t get out of the way of Ismael’s banshee banisher.

So, guess what happened purely by chance.




An alien came by to visit, and what’s more, she’s actually Bedivere’s mother.


Alien Woman: Did I break it? Why is it excreting fluid?



Bedivere: Okay, I think I’m alright now. *sniff*

Alien Woman: A lack of ocular leakage is preferred. This unit theorizes that Drone SV-001’s malfunction is caused by its paternally human genetics.


Bedivere: Okayyyy. “Paternally human…” You mean, Jared really is my dad? And you’re, like, an alien right?

Alien Woman: This unit’s species is not of Drone SV-001’s world, yes. As to its genetic donor, individual designations are pointless. This unit does not know of a “Jared,” only the human male pollinated for the purpose of scouting new colonies.

Bedivere: There are whole worlds of therapy I’m going to need after hearing that sentence.


Bedivere: Also, you know you can call me Bedivere, right? That’s my name, not… “Drone whatever-the-hell.”

Alien Woman: Incorrect. Drone SV-001 has been appointed an individual designation by the humans it lives with, but it is a creation of this unit’s species. This unit was sent to remind Drone SV-001 that it is not a true member of the human species, but it did not realize it was this far gone.


Bedivere: Like hell I’m not! I have a family here, people who care about me, so even if I am part asshole-alien, I think I’m still human enough to count! And besides, Ismael told me what you did to my genetics; I’m based on human DNA, right? You just patched some alien over that to make me one of you.


Alien Woman: …The Greater Consciousness did not realize that you were so stupid. I did not realize that you were so stupid.

Bedivere: What happened to “this unit?”

Alien Woman: Shut up.


Alien Woman: I will leave. It is evidently pointless to continue this conversation. But the Greater Consciousness will ensure that your mistakes are corrected.

Bedivere: Yeah, whatever that means.


She teleports back to her hovercraft, and, as quickly as she arrived, she vanishes again. It may have been their only meeting, but Bedivere can’t find it in himself to regret shouting at her.



Bedivere’s birthday happens to fall on Spooky Day, so the family decides to throw a costume party to distract from the gloomy atmosphere. It…doesn’t entirely work.

Catherine: Mom would have been so happy to see Bedivere become a man… *sniffle*


You may remember that a couple of chapters ago we met one of Connie’s teen daughters, Laquita. Her sister Sylvia apparently has a sense of humor.

Sylvia: Hey, family solidarity, right?

Bedivere: Um. Are you sure you weren’t just feeling lazy about picking a costume?

Sylvia: I mean, that too.



Bedivere: Oh god.


Meanwhile, in the next room…

Ismael: Oh, not again.


Tiff: Finally. You have any idea how long I’ve been sticking around these losers waiting for you to show up?

Grim: Hey, look at it this way. You’re badass enough to pass on on sim-Halloween!


Grim: Now go fetch!

Tiff: I know you’re just trying to distract me so I won’t bite your face off.


Grim: And yet, it still works.


Ismael: I’m going to miss you Tiff, you crazy, hyper-violent dog!

Bedivere: I’m so SAD, this is the WORST BIRTHDAY EVER!

Jared: Wow. I’m actually surprised that happened. She was so old I was starting to think she was immortal.

Bedivere&Ismael: CAN YOU PLEASE NOT.

Another thing that happened purely by chance…


Ismael’s not sure why he’s running outside.


The lights flashing above the front yard are fascinating, but the compulsion to stare at them isn’t his own.


Ismael: Oh, no.


Ismael: Oh, goodness me.



Yeah, I don’t know either.


This kid just cannot catch a break. He gets rejected, his mom dies, he meets his biological mom, she’s a jerk, and then his dog dies at his birthday party.

Speaking of Bedivere’s birthday, he rolled the Proper trait, making his full personality Disciplined, Loves the Cold, Neat, Angler, and Proper. He’s like a butler crossed with an ice-fisherman. Oh, and his LTW is Perfect Private Aquarium, because I don’t plan on turning him into a scientist/martial arts champion.

I’m very sad to see both Brienne and Tiff go, especially so close to one another! Tiff has had her age bar maxed-out for over two weeks, but Brienne had barely ticked over. 😦 That’s the Sims for you, I guess. Jared is now…106? 107? Really goddamn old, at any rate.

Thank you everyone for being patient, I know this took much longer than anticipated to be finished!

Thanks for reading/liking/commenting!

-Mo ❤


4 thoughts on “2.12 A Long Overdue Visit (Or Two.)(Or Three!)

  1. I read this chapter.
    In my bed.
    Like four days ago.
    and I was really lazy and said “I’ll comment later, I don’t even have pants on.”
    and then I forgot.
    I’M SORRY.

    Anyways, long all-over-the-place comment here. FREAKING TIFF noooooooo.
    I mean Brienne's was sad, but TIFF!!!!
    No but really I'm shocked that Jared outlived Brienne, especially given that Brienne was all about health and wellness.
    Also, the abduction at the end… where will that lead… and the conversation with the alien mother…
    So many things going on! I'm rereading it again because I'm just pulled once more.
    Yeah this alien development story has me really intrigued. I cannot wait to see that come forward… especially after Ismael gets back from his… unfortunate… trip.

    LAST BUT NOT LEAST – I've nominated you for a memory lane challenge! http://nightingale.pancakesandmadmen.com/2017/08/authors-note-8517-memory-lane-award.html
    So uh… YEAH long really random comment finished!


    • LIVVIE YOU FORGOT TO COMMENT FOR 4 DAYS HOW COULD YOU THE HUMANITY- What’s that? I haven’t updated this legacy in almost a year? Hmm. *shifty eyes*

      It is totally fine, I 100% get that feeling of “ooh, I’ll do this later” only to then IMMEDIATELY forget that and panic when you realize it later. (story of my life, lol) ❤

      Somehow, I knew it would be Tiff's death that really upset you, more than Brienne's. XD She lived a full, long, and incredibly cantankerous life, and I miss her very much. But not her graphical glitches or her habit of screwing up everyone's routing.

      Things are HEATING UP with the aliens – let's just say, Bedivere's conversation with his biological mother and Ismael's little "trip" aren't a coincidence. AND I'M ALMOST DONE WITH THE NEXT CHAPTER SO WOOO WE'LL ACTUALLY GET TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS

      OH MY GOSH, THANK YOU??? Livvie you absolute doll I'm INCREDIBLY touched that you nominated me for this – I'll make sure to do that once this chapter is finished (I think everyone's waited long enough for it :'))


  2. All aboard the feel train! Omg… I was not prepared at all for this… nope sire nope! Not at all… First Brienne… then lovely Tiff… and then Ismael freaking getting kidnapped… I don’t know what to do with all these feelings inside of me.

    Okay, first of all: screw the aliens… I don’t like them at all here and for being such assholes towards Bedivere, after this whole thing that happened… poor kid. *Gives lots of hugs to Bedivere* He don’t deserve this. No one deserves this things happening all at once. Oh man.

    And now I’m all caught up with this too… dammit. I wanted to read more… but I can wait, so take your time 🙂


    • yesss, read my words and SUFFER!

      If there’s anything you can take away from this chapter, it’s that aliens are freaking dicks, man.

      (And thank you for being patient!!! Again, y’all are so lovely and understanding and that means the world to me!)


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