Liebster Award: AKA The Day My Heart Grew Three Sizes


As you may have noticed, I haven’t really been around a lot lately: School and family life hit me like a sledgehammer with a grudge, and I’ve had a half-finished chapter sitting around collecting dust for the past couple of months.

So, imagine my surprise and delight when I found out Livvie had nominated me for an award!

I don’t have a strong presence on boolprop (or much of a presence at all really) and I don’t contact anyone from there outside of this blog, so I’m really and truly honored and grateful that anyone has been keeping up with this blog and remembering me even when I’ve vanished for months on end.

On that note, on to the rules of the award!

Rule 1: Say thank you to the person who has nominated you for the award.

Livvie; Thank you. I don’t know you that well, but I can tell that you are an amazing and kind person. The Gallant Legacy has only gotten this far because of your and Mpart’s comments and encouragement, and I want to thank you both, but especially you, Livvie, for keeping me going. ❤

Rule 2: Answer the 11 questions the person has asked you.

1. What was the thing/event that made you decide to write?

Whoo, this one’s a little tough, but bear with me. Warning: discussion of mental health/mental illness.

When I was a kid, I used to write all the time: I would tell people that I was going to be an author when I grew up, I was working on about five different stories at any given moment, and I absolutely loved it. Then, some time after I started middle school, I just…stopped. There wasn’t any catalyst, or dramatic life change that made me drop that hobby. My home life was stressful, and school was getting harder, but nothing happened to turn me off of writing. It just stopped interesting me. That was almost 10 years ago.

Then high school came, and suddenly I was writing more and more, but not the stories I used to write for pleasure – instead, it was the kind of analytical essay writing that everyone has to go through in the school system. I actually enjoyed that too, in a weird way, but it exhausted me, and at the end of the day I still thought that writing was more effort than it was worth, even if it was fun.

And then college happened. It…didn’t go well for me. I had been planning on taking a gap year before starting, but my parents talked me into going straight to a school that had offered me a nice scholarship. I don’t resent them for it, they thought it was the best option for me, but I just wasn’t mentally prepared. Working on projects for school exhausted me still, but now it was worse. I would wake up the morning after finishing a paper and feel like I’d had a nap instead of a solid 8 hours of sleep. Going to classes made me feel anxious and uncomfortable for no identifiable reason, and eventually the anxiety and the constant exhaustion made it so that I stopped going to classes altogether.

I had been seeing a therapist for about 2 years at that point, so I had a mental health professional available to me every other week, but for some reason I just didn’t want to talk about what was happening to me with anyone. It wasn’t until I had a breakdown in my therapist’s office when he asked me how classes were going that the topic was forced into the open. He diagnosed me with clinical depression, advised that I take a medical leave of absence from my school until I felt secure going back, and prescribed me some antidepressants.

It’s been almost 2 years now, and I’m back in school, pursuing a degree in Communications. I still sometimes have bad days when all I want to do is stare at the wall, but now I know what that creeping foggy feeling is, and I have some really great people in my life who are understanding and willing to help me through it. A little while before I went back to school, I remembered how much I used to love writing, and playing The Sims, and decided to try to mix the two and push myself into a good habit.


So, what thing or event made me start(or rather, re-start) writing? Not any one thing, but the personal decision to try to push back against my mental illness, and do what makes me happy even if there’s an insidious voice in the back of my head saying that it’s useless. Writing still tends to exhaust me emotionally, and it can take a while to work myself up to going at it, but it’s also one of the most consistent sources of happiness in my life, so all in all I think it’s worth it.

2. Do you have a favorite character/creation/storyline? If so, who/what and why?

Hmm. Honestly, this legacy has been a damn mess in regards to coherent storylines and characterization. But if I can pull off, what I have planned to explain my universe’s supernatural elements will be pretty damn neat, if I do say so myself. ^u^ Let’s just say that I love plot twists that make all the weird stuff beforehand suddenly make sense.


3. What’s one of the things that makes you tick?

I really love understanding things. That “oh” moment you get when something finally clicks for you is such a great feeling, I love it. (Secret’s out, I’m kind of a nerd)

4. What is your least favorite story/movie/TV show?

But there’s so much terrible stuff out there to choose from! jk, jk

For real, I can actually enjoy a lot of terrible movies, just because they’re terrible, but I can’t stand something that’s disappointing. So, for me, my current least favorite is probably Iron Fist.


Pictured: A superhero show.

I was a big fan of Daredevil/Jessica Jones/Luke Cage, and seeing the last member of the Defender’s have such a “Meh” show was horribly disappointing. If you did like it, more power to you, but boardroom meetings and soap opera plot lines are not what I was looking for in a superhero show about Kung Fu. Just saying.

5. What is something you “need” in order to function each day?


Coffee. Hands down my #1 necessity. There’s a running gag with my friends where whenever we hang out, we always stop so that I can grab some coffee first. Last Christmas I got two different travel coffee mugs from two completely different people.

6. What is the thing that makes you happy every time you see/hear it?


Behold, my angel, my baby, my sweet tiny soft cat daughter! Her name is Adele and I love her to pieces and would kill a man for her without hesitation.

7. If you could live anywhere in the world – money and distance not being an issue – where would it be and why?


Venice. I went there once when I was a tiny child and I still have fond memories of that city.

8. What’s your Sims confession?

This is a very unpopular opinion amongst Simmers, so I apologize if this offends you, but I just do not get the appeal of baby or toddler sims. They’re little meatballs who can’t take care of themselves and have a terribly limited variety of clothes and hairstyles. I love real world kids, my cousin has 9-month-old twins who I adore, but for whatever reason Sims babies and toddlers just kind of irritate me. *shrug*

9. Describe your ideal “perfect” day?

I wake up naturally at 7:30 in the morning. It’s light outside, but still dim enough that I can look out the window without squinting. When I walk out into the living room, my beautiful and caring boyfriend/husband has a mug of perfectly brewed and flavored coffee waiting for me. As I drink it, he massages my back – his hands are strong, but he is incredibly gentle. We make and eat breakfast together, then spend the morning taking turns reading out loud from a book. It’s not very good, but we have a standing competition on who can make it more interesting just by how they narrate it. In the afternoon, I go for a walk in the woods around our house while he whittles wood or hugs baby animals or something. We’re close enough to a town that we get decent wifi, but far enough from anyone else that I can walk for hours without seeing another human being.

(Not realistic, but it is my ideal day!)

10. If you could trade places with any of the fictional (maybe nonfictional?) characters you have read/written/seen, who would it be and why?

When I was a kid I read this book by Eva Ibbotson called Island of the Aunts about some older women who run a secret animal sanctuary on an island and kind of kidnap some children to take care of the island when they die. The island is also a sanctuary for magical creatures like mermaids/selkies/etc, so for me as a child it was basically heaven, and I still really dig that idea.

11. To carry on the wonderful theme: can I have a hug?




Now, time to nominate other stories! These are some wonderful Simmers whose legacies I finally have time to start reading.

  1. Loralie0512 – Whisp LEPacy
  2. Saltylisa – The Valley Legacy

I would also add Livvielove’s Reapers Genetic Legacy, and Mpart’s Edhen Dath, but they were both already nominated. Go check them out if you haven’t already, give ’em some love!

And my questions for my nominees are:

  1. What is your favorite thing to write and why?
  2. What’s your favorite book + favorite non-spoilery part of that book?
  3. If you could have one wish granted, what would it be?
  4. What motivates you?
  5. Have you ever been stuck in a foreign country/another state?
  6. What’s your favorite Sims 3 Expansion Pack and why?
  7. If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  8. What’s your favorite comfort food?
  9. What’s your Hogwarts house?
  10. Do you have any cats/dogs/birds/goldfish/etc?
  11. Continuing this trend…Can I have a hug?

Everyone on the boolprop forums is amazing, but unfortunately I haven’t had time until now to read many of their stories. I’m always looking for new legacies to read, so feel free to drop a comment with a link to yours!


Mo ❤



2.5 Ground Control to Major Tom

Last time, Ismael moved in, El proposed to Leo, and Bedivere learned about his alien heritage. This time, teen rebellion and a bachelorette party.


Bedivere’s pretty sure Deshaun and his stories about “aliens” are full of shit – or just plain crazy. That being said, he finds that with puberty came a bad case of insomnia, not that it seems to be affecting his state of mind. He hasn’t slept properly in days, but he still feels fresh as a daisy.


Please excuse the untextured legacy house in the background :T

One night, on a whim, he heads out to fish in the early morning hours. He’s there less than an hour before a cop shows up to bust him for his heinous criminal act of walking across the damn road breaking curfew. Wow. We’re all glad to see the Gallant’s dutifully paid taxes are funding this kind of top tier police work.

(jk, they haven’t paid a dime since Brienne bought the No Bills LTR)


Jared is characteristically furious.

Jared: You went across the road? At three a.m? You call that breaking curfew?!

Bedivere: Dad, I swear, it was just a misunder-


Jared: Next time I wanna hear you made it at least a mile, okay? Rebel against authority properly, you little punk.

Bedivere: But dad, I don’t wanna rebel against authority!

Jared: Sure ya do kid, and I’m very proud of you for it! You’re still grounded though.

Grounded in the Gallant household = being on dish duty long enough to satisfy your parents. That’s not really a punishment for Bedivere the neat freak, so instead he gets put in charge of fixing their perpetually leaky kitchen sink.


87 97 114 110 105 110 103 58 32 85 110 97 117 116 104 111 114 105 122 101 100 32 101 110 101 114 103 121 32 116 114 97 110 115 102 101 114 32 100 101 116 101 99 116 101 100 46 32 83 99 97 110 110 105 110 103 46 46 46 32 65 110 111 109 97 108 121 32 105 100 101 110 116 105 102 105 101 100 46 32 68 101 115 105 103 110 97 116 105 111 110 58 32 69 120 112 101 114 105 109 101 110 116 97 108 32 100 114 111 110 101 32 88 45 83 86 48 48 49 46 32 0

While trying in vain to repair the piece of shit for the millionth time, Bedivere feels a sudden pressure in his skull. It feels almost like static electricity, but somehow inside his head. Acting purely on instinct, he raises his hand towards the offending appliance, and feels himself abruptly lose most of the strength in his body as the sink stops leaking.


Bedivere: Oh my plumbob Deshaun was right.

El: Great, you’ve figured out the truth, your life is a lie, blah blah blah, could you not have your little crisis in the middle of my bachelorette party?

Empathetic as always, El.

Bedivere: Ohh, my head…I…I think I’m gonna go lie down…

He heads upstairs to get away from the giggling partygoers downstairs and hopefully get over his sudden headache.


84 114 97 110 99 101 32 115 116 97 116 101 32 105 110 105 116 105 97 116 101 100 46 32 68 105 97 103 110 111 115 116 105 99 115 32 99 111 109 109 101 110 99 105 110 103 46 0

The second his head hits the pillow, he slips into an odd trance-state. Numbers and symbols he only half-understands whirl in front of his eyes, there and then gone again in the blink of an eye.

Downstairs, the bachelorette party is in full three-person swing.


I wonder what they’re all thinking?

El: Mmm, look at that hunk of man meat. Brother in the middle of an existential crisis whom?

Catherine: It doesn’t count as ogling if I peak out of the corner of my eye, right? Right.

Connie: I can’t believe you indulged your little horse obsession by hiring a cowboy-themed stripper for your sister’s bachelorette party.

Tiff: How loud d’you think this guy would squeal if I bit him?

TIFF! No biting the male stripper!

Tiff: Whaaaat? Just a little nip! He won’t even feel it in the morning!


Tiff: *grumbles* Killjoy.


68 105 97 103 110 111 115 116 105 99 115 32 114 101 112 111 114 116 58 32 88 45 83 86 48 48 49 32 104 97 115 32 101 110 116 101 114 101 100 32 84 101 114 114 97 110 32 97 103 101 32 114 97 110 103 101 32 111 102 32 97 100 111 108 101 115 99 101 110 99 101 46 32 72 111 114 109 111 110 97 108 32 105 109 98 97 108 97 110 99 101 115 32 104 97 118 101 32 116 114 105 103 103 101 114 101 100 32 104 105 118 101 32 99 111 110 110 101 99 116 105 111 110 44 32 98 117 116 32 115 117 98 106 101 99 116 32 97 112 112 101 97 114 115 32 117 110 97 98 108 101 32 116 111 32 104 97 114 110 101 115 115 32 112 115 121 99 104 111 107 105 110 101 116 105 99 32 101 110 101 114 103 121 32 97 98 111 118 101 32 109 105 110 105 109 97 108 32 111 117 116 112 117 116 46 32 0

Meanwhile, Bedivere is experiencing what can only be described as a mind fuck. The dancing holograms are joined by voices echoing in his mind. Oddly enough, although he can feel the prickle of multiple person’s attention on him, like when a kid at school stares at him from behind his back, they don’t seem to be speaking to him. Their presence feels disturbingly cold and clinical, like they’re taking notes on him rather than establishing communication.


Catherine: Hey sis, remember how you used to shove food in my face when we were kids?

El: Yeah?

Dancer: Derrrr


Catherine: It’s payback time!

Let’s all just ignore the vaguely sexual elements in this image. Speaking of which…



Catherine: God do I wish I was anywhere but here.


Catherine: Alright, gather round everyone! It’s time for me to publicly humiliate my big sister, as is tradition!

El: Aww yeah! Humiliation makes me PUMPED!

Catherine: Also, Dad, could you please put on some pants?

Jared: Not on your damn life.

All things considered, the party goes pretty well.


Some supervillain decided to create a doomsday weapon, so of course the police call up the geriatric spy to take care of it.

Brienne: I’m too old for this nonsense.


Some early morning piano practice before Danger wakes up.


As far as Brienne is concerned, Ismael is an amoral scientist willing to dissect her beloved stepson at the drop of a hat, and the only reason she hasn’t kicked him out of her house is because Catherine would be furious. None of that stops him from “subtly” trying to get on her good side.


Catherine: Ismael, how many times do I have to tell you, play it cool.

Brienne: *stony silence*


Ismael: Catherine, you are a bright light in the interminable darkness of this lonely world.

Catherine: Aww honey, no you are!


Catherine&Ismael: *smitten giggling*

El: I’m gonna barf all over this portrait.


Bedivere: Ismael, you’re a scientist, right?

Ismael: Yes..?

Bedivere: Do you think you could- I mean- … I’ve been hearing things. Lately. And I don’t want to worry Mom or Dad, but that’s the kind of thing you check out, right?

Ismael: That would be wise, yes. I’m afraid I’m a physicist, not a biologist, but I can certainly see what tests I can run.

Bedivere: Thanks man! I don’t care if Mom thinks you’re creepy, you’re seriously the best!


Warning: Unauthorized energy transfer detected. Scanning… Anomaly identified. Designation: Experimental drone X-SV001. 


Trance state initiated. Diagnostics commencing.


Diagnostics report: X-SV001 has entered Terran age range of adolescence. Hormonal imbalances have triggered hive connection, but subject appears unable to harness psychokinetic energy above minimal output. 


Conclusion: Experimental drone SV-001 presents no current danger to the hive mind, but its ability to connect without prompting or permission from within the matrix is a complication in the colonization effort. Recommended measures: Contact neighboring observation stations for any similar recorded events, and increase observation of SV-001. Reclamation and termination not necessary at this time.

*sneak in* *slides new chapter under door* *sneaks out*

*sneaks back in* *hugs Livvie for Liebster Award Nomination* *sneaks back out*


2.4 Playing House

Last time, Faithful died, Catherine became a woman, and we all learned that Deshaun Frenchfry  is A) kind of a dick, and B) abnormally knowledgable on the occult. This time, romantic progress is made(finally) and a birthday happens.


The dollhouse is Bedivere’s favorite toy. He loves his family, but they’re pretty chaotic at the best of times, and there’s something calming about creating an idyllic Norman Rockwell-esque household, even if it is made-up. Besides, who says dolls are only for girls?



El: How does the spinny sharp thing work?


Catherine: Plumbob, it’s crazy to think I’m actually graduating. Can you believe it Danger?

Danger: Yeah sure, whatever lady. You got any apples or is this whole conversation jus’ a waste of my time?


Catherine didn’t quite manage to be valedictorian, but she was voted Most Likely to Become a Rockstar. We’ll all try to hold back our incredulous laughter at that.


Catherine: What scares me most is I just don’t know what I’m going to do. Like, I could go into culinary work like dad, but it just doesn’t mean a whole lot to me, you know?

Ismael: Whatever happened to being a professional horseback rider? As I recall you’ve been set on that particular career path since day one.

Catherine: *sigh* Yeah, but…I guess I just feel like there’s something missing. Don’t get me wrong, I love working with Danger. But I keep feeling like…I don’t know, like I’ve forgotten something.


Ismael: And this sensation of forgetfulness is enough to turn you away from your life’s dream? Catherine, as long as I’ve known you, your sheer tenacity has always been your greatest strength. You braved years of bullying over your passion, and now you turn your back on it because of a moment’s doubt?

Catherine: You’re one to talk. I heard you applied for a job at the hospital.What happened to “revolutionizing the field of paranormal study?”

Ismael: …That’s different.


Catherine: Suuuure it is.

Ismael: There is…a certain stigma associated with paranormal research. I wouldn’t wish to bring that upon you or your family.

Catherine: Honey, it’s a little late for that. My mom’s the crazy woman who digs through people’s trash in her spare time, my dad’s an asshole chef with a bastard daughter, and my little brother’s fucking green!

Ismael: All the same. Your family may be eccentric, but your mother still has some care for social expectations.


Catherine: *laughs* Is that what this is about?! You want to make a good impression on your future mother-in-law? I’m eating a hot dog at a gourmet restaurant, I think my family is already used to weird.

Ismael: …Mother-in-law?

Catherine: Oh. Um. Sorry, I guess I just kind of assumed-

Ismael: No, I – Catherine, there is no one in the world I would rather spend my life with than you.

Catherine: Oh thank plumbob, this would’ve been really awkward otherwise. I mean, I don’t want to get married straight out of high school, but I was kind of hoping you’d be interested in moving in with me?

Ismael: You really have to ask?


El: What’s this chuckle fuck doing here?

Ismael: Good morning to you too.

Catherine: El, Ismael’s moving in with us. You might want to be a bit more polite considering he’s going to be family.

El: Oh, damn. Nice one, squirt! I always knew you’d make an old maid outta me.

Ismael: Hardly. I may be joining your household, but we both agree it’s far too soon for marriage.

Catherine: You and Leo on the other hand…

El: Oh shut up.


El has actually been thinking about proposing for a while now, but the ring she bought has stayed firmly in her pocket.


A Love Day date in the park does put her in the mood for, as she would say, “that sappy shit.” Well. Carpe diem, or some shit.


El: Robot-Love-Doctor here says we wanna jump each other’s bones, so I guess this is as good a time as any.

Leo: Oh plumbob is this going where I think it’s going


Leo: IT IS!

He’s so excited his forehead’s glitching through his hair.


D’awww ❤

In true El style, she waits until Bedivere’s teen-birthday party to break the news to her parents.


El: I know this is gonna be a shock, what with me being the wild child and all, but I think I’m ready to settle down now.

Cheri: Ooh, Mr. G! Talk about a silver fox, woof!

Cheri, no! You’re married to Deshaun, you can’t just drool over his celebrity uncle when he’s not in the room.

Cheri: Watch me, bitch.


Brienne: Excellent, grandchildren ho!

El: No, mom, that’s still not on the agenda-

Brienne: Jared, love, come quickly! Our little one is ready to fly the nest and have some chicks of her own!

El: Ugh.


El and Jared keeping it classy.

Bedivere gets the angler trait, making him neat, cold-loving, disciplined, and an angler. Consequently his teen wardrobe makes him look like a real outdoorsy type.


Catherine might hate their cousin, but Bedivere is nothing if not naively hospitable, so he wastes no time in making a new friend.

Bedievere: Hey Deshaun, thanks for coming to the party. It’s always nice having another guy around, you know?

Deshaun: Indeed. My half-sister and I often wear on one another’s nerves.


Deshaun: But cousin, I wanted to ask you something; I have read on the internet forums I frequent that aliens develop certain powers around adolescence. Have you experienced any sudden bursts of knowledge or psychic abilities?


Bedivere: No…? Deshaun, what do you mean when you say “aliens?”

El: Ix-nay on the ace-spay it-shay lil cuz.

Deshaun: Why is your sister speaking gibberish? Anyway, as I was saying, my admittedly less-than reputable sources on extra-terrestrial life claim that you will lose the ability to sleep normally, instead gaining technokinesis and a direct psychic connection to fellow members of your species.

Bedivere: I’m an alien? I thought I was just an adopted mutant…

El: Deshaun, you were just on your way out, weren’t you?


Tell me what’s wrong with this picture.

First things first I GOT NOMINATED FOR A GOLDEN PLUMBOB HOLY SHIT????? I fell off the face of the internet for a while and that was quite possibly the nicest and most encouraging thing to come back to, thank you all so much! I’m still a little in shock over it, tbh, just. Wow!

El’s only a few levels shy of maxing out the writing skill, and then she’ll have completed her LTW to be an Illustrious Author. I’m laying out the groundwork for her to move on out of the house in advance, and as far as I’m concerned it can’t happen too soon. I love her inappropriateness, but the house has been kind of cramped and frankly I want to get going with gen 3.

It hasn’t been in the story because the Horsewoman career has very few picture-taking opportunities, but Catherine and Danger have begun steadily winning races, much to my surprise. I was kind of expecting them to suck at it forever, but no, progress is actually being made! #proudsimmom

Again, ’cause I really can’t say this enough, thank you all so much! My heart grows three sizes in my chest every time I see the view count go up, I’m just so glad there are people out there enjoying my goofy little story. You all rock!

-Mo ❤

2.3 The Queen’s Faithful Servant

Last time, the Gallant’s got a maid and Bedivere and Danger had their birthdays. This time, time marches ever forward and the family continues to be ridiculous.

Life with the Gallant’s continues as ever.


Brienne and Jared cuddle at every opportunity…


…Faithful and Tiff spend their twilight years goofing off the way they couldn’t when they were hunting down gems 24/7…


…Catherine takes Danger out to test their racing skills…


…El is exasperated by anything and everything to do with her family, and Bedivere is as clueless as he always is.


Although the seasons change and the scenery gets adjusted to fit the household’s needs, the Gallant’s remain the same.


But nothing






Faithful, you will be missed.


Jared is the most affected by Faithful’s passing – he’s nearing the end of his own life, and the sudden reminder of leaving his family behind hurts more than he’d ever realized.


Not to mention, Tiff and Faithful were the same age. No one knows what it is exactly that makes Grim come for one sim over another, but now that Faithful’s gone, Tiffany won’t be around for much longer.

The family’s collective grieving gets put on hold, however, when the time comes for Catherine’s birthday.


In Sunset Valley, it’s traditional to invite literally everyone in your family, even the ones you’d kind of rather avoid. Deshaun here might be Catherine’s cousin, but now that she’s met him she’s regretting letting him in the door.

Deshaun: I can’t believe someone in my family could be so gauche as to be seen with a unicorn of all things! They’re such awfully kitschy creatures.

Catherine: I…what? I don’t – Deshaun, you know unicorns aren’t real, right?

Deshaun: *scoff* That’s just what THEY want us to think.

Catherine: …I’m gonna walk away now.


Ismael may be a little divorced from social norms, but at least he isn’t actually crazy.



Ismael: Happy birthday Catherine! *TOOT-TOOT*

El: You fuck her heart up and I’ll fuck you up.

Bedivere: Yay birthday cake!


Catherine: Hey Bedivere, do you mind washing these di-HOLY FUCK.

Deshaun: Greetings, cousin.

Catherine: Get the hell out of my bathroom.


Cheri: Hey, don’t sweat it, Mr. G. Even after you die, you’ll probably get to see your family as a ghost.

Jared: Kid, you’re completely delusional, but I appreciate the thought.



Catherine: …I hate this family.

Awright, we’re in Gen 2 for realsies now! Catherine aged up with the adventurous trait, making her final personality Excitable, Virtuoso, Equestrian, Photographer’s Eye, and Adventurous. She’s almost definitely gonna end up being one of the stereotypical Idle Rich with 5 million hobbies.

I originally had a whole other plan to segue into Catherine’s forgotten dream/unicorn-encounter, but that autonomous conversation with Deshaun derailed everything. Supernatural Skeptic trait is MVP.

I am SO SORRY about this delay between chapters, college picked up without warning and I just haven’t been in the right headspace to write AT ALL. I’m gonna try to get as many chapters written while I’m on spring break as I can so I can queue them up over the next few weeks, so hopefully there won’t be a month-long gap again.

Thank you everyone for your patience!

-Mo ❤

2.2 Bad Decisions

Last time, Catherine was voted heir and Brienne got older. This time, parties, pictures, ponies, and an identity crisis!


Now that Faithful and Tiffany are both nearing the ends of their lives, El decides to commemorate their years of service by painting their portraits.


El: You’ll always be remembered in these paintings, fleabags. *tearful sniff*


She also has a brand spanking new writing desk and laptop, complete with a few souvenirs from Egypt.


Catherine has been getting along nicely with Danger, and got up to Best Friends Forever status with him in no time.


For all intents and purposes, she’s basically his mommy.


Even if Brienne does try to steal his heart every time my back is turned.

Brienne: I am doing no such thing! The texture of his snout is most pleasing, that’s all.


Brienne is so taken with Danger, in fact, that she builds a whole barn for him.


The upper section gets turned into a home gym, though.

Brienne: What? It’s not as though we’re unable to afford it.

This is true. The Gallant family funds have been hovering at a more-or-less steady 50,000 simoleons.


Jared: Hey kid, I’m on my way to work. Think you could clean up these dishes?

El: *stare*

Jared: Orrrr, you could not. That’s always an option too.


Between work, school, changing Bedivere’s diapers, and keeping the new horse fed and watered, no one in the household has time to clean up after themselves. Well, El does, but she’s…less than willing. Brienne has always been attached to the idea of the Gallants being a self-sufficient family despite their wealth, but she’s also attached to the idea of not living in a house that smells like dog pee, so she calls up a maid service.


Not that the maid actually does a whole lot.

Maid: Mm, this is delicious! You don’t mind if I grab another of these, do you?

Jared: Are you completely, one-hundred-percent sure we couldn’t have just bought a roomba?

Maid: Nah, my company bought out Roomba Inc. and destroyed them all to keep a cleaning service monopoly.

Jared: I’m pretty damn certain even a smashed up robot would do a better job than you are.

Maid: Hey!


Even thought the repairmen and women of Sunset Valley are much more reliable than the maids, Brienne still pushes forward with her insistence on playing handyman every time something spontaneously breaks. Surprisingly, hitting something a few dozen times with a hammer proves to be a pretty effective way to get it to stop leaking everywhere.

Christmas Snowflake Day arrives, and the Gallants throw a little party.


And by ‘little’, I mean they invite everyone they know.

In retrospect, this was kind of a shitty idea, which I realized as soon as I had a traffic jam at the present pile.

I also forgot just how volatile some of this family’s relationships are.


Connie: Outta my way, lame brain! We all know you’re daddy’s little princess, but that doesn’t mean you get to hog all the presents to yourself.

Catherine: At least I’m not wearing a mismatched Victorian outfit like some kind of, some kind of townie! Yeah!

Leo: Boo! Someone needs to take you to burn school!


After the gift-giving, for some reason everyone went upstairs to watch Leo play piano? Dude’s got depths, I guess.


And then it was time for Bedivere’s birthday!


He’s pretty cute, in the way a newborn bird or a hairless cat is cute. He also picked up the neat trait, making him neat, disciplined, and cold-loving.

That same night…


Danger: I LIIIIVE!!!!


Catherine wastes no time in clambering up onto his back.


Catherine: Nothing to it! I really don’t get what all the fuss is about!

She’s not a high enough level rider to train for racing yet, so instead she just lets Danger do whatever he wants and holds on for dear life.


Danger: Sweetheart, did I ever mention that I have the fast trait?

Catherine: …

Catherine: This was a mistake.



Maid: No.


Maid: Because fuck da police.


A mighty soldier has fallen.


El: NOOOOO, GIBSON! Why couldn’t it have been me? WHY COULDN’T IT HAVE BEEN ME?!

Catherine: Come on, El, you never even liked the little guy.



Jared: Hey, distraught grieving daughter who has only just discovered the reality of mortality! Think you could maybe budge over so someone can get past you?

Catherine: *sob*


Bedivere: Hey, Catherine?

Catherine: Yes, you’re a very fast horsey aren’t you! But Mommy needs you to slow down a little, okay? … What is it, Bedivere?

Bedivere: Umm, well…I was thinking, and…How come I don’t look like you and El?

Catherine: Uhhh. Well, Bedivere, Mom and Dad wanted to wait until you’re a little older to tell you but, I guess if you’re asking about it it’s okay? Oh gosh. Wow, where to start-

Bedivere: I’m adopted, right?

Catherine: …Huh?

Bedivere: I heard some of the teachers talking about it. They said I was from somewhere else and Mom and Dad adopted me when my real parents died.


Catherine: Oh, haha yeah! Of course, adopted, right! You’re such a smart kid to have figured that out on your own, Bedivere! I’mgonnarideawaynowbye!

Bedivere: Ok, bye.

Bedivere: …

Bedivere: *sigh* I wonder if this is what my real parents look like?


Catherine: Remember what Mommy said about not being fast Danger?!


Catherine: REMEMBER??!!!


Sort-of keeping to my schedule, woot! (Side note, this chapter title should just be the name of my blog.)

Aah, Connie continues to be herself. Grumpy bastard.(zing!) And the maid really is quite useless, although I’m tempted to keep her around just for the yucks.

I haven’t documented them on camera, but rest assured that danger is indeed glitching up a storm. Every time Catherine tries to interact with him he does this little soft-shoe number back and forth FOR NO REASON!!! Oh how I suffer for my art. *sniff*

Speaking of glitches, I can’t tell if Bedivere is glitched or not? I didn’t notice while he was a baby or toddler, but he NEVER makes any noise. Like, at all. I know there’s some bugs with adult voices not being adjusted for child sims so they’re mute until they hit YA, so I’m hoping it’s just that and not a perpetual eerie silence to haunt me for the entire time he’s in the story.

Thanks for reading, love you all, etc! Hopefully I’ll have another chapter up within a few days, but if not I will definitely try to keep to the once-a-week schedule.(Here’s hoping anyway!)

-Mo ❤

2.1 A New Era



Catherine: Holy hell, I won! El, I’m the heir!

El: Meh. Never really wanted the job anyways. Congrats, you little squirt.

That’s right! The votes are in, and Catherine is by far the winner! Technically she’s still a teenager, but also technically I don’t care. *shrug* Welcome to Gen 2!


The sisters celebrate with a quick trip to Egypt.

Day 1


Catherine is hired by a local to go digging through a nearby tomb for some lost business papers. She diplomatically choses not to ask how the hell they ended up in an ancient tomb in the first place.


El puts her friendly trait to use making international connections in the marketplace.


Catherine: Potentially cursed ancient tombs? Hell yes!! I just wish I had a camera with me.


Catherine: I would photograph the shit out of that skeleton.


Catherine: Hurk!

Gold star for effort, kid.




El autonomously tells the special merchant some ghost stories in broad daylight, because of course she does.


Catherine returns to her employer with the folder covered in “CONFIDENTIAL” and “DO NOT READ” stamps, but he seems…a little uncomfortable.

Sketchy Man: A-hem, yes, very good work. Erm. You wouldn’t-you wouldn’t happen to be related to that young lady who swam in the public fountain earlier, would you?

Catherine: …


Catherine: I’m sure I have no idea what you’re talking about.


He coughs uncomfortably a few more times before sending her on to some lackey who needs her to collect turquoise.


Catherine: Ok. Right. Turquoise. Hey, random voice in the sky!

Uh. Yeah?

Catherine: Is there any turquoise at all showing up on the map right now?


Catherine: I thought as much.


Catherine: Tell you what, if any shows up, I’ll be right here trying to lure out a venomous snake. At least this way I’m learning a skill.




Catherine: Oh, wow, a real-life present? What is it?

El: Open it and find out.

Catherine…Just so you know, if this is a snake I have no problem with throwing it at your head.

El: Your suspicion wounds me, lil sis.


It is in fact a camera and Photography skill book, because El does have some good judgement. Catherine promptly glues herself to the book.

Catherine: Grab me some turquoise if you see it, m’kay?

Day 2


El spends most of the day running around after collectables and anything that happened to catch her eye in the desert.

El: Ugh, is this what it’s like to be one of the dogs? Fucking lame!


She was also hired to get a photo of a floortrap for some tourism brochure, so she drags Catherine out of camp by her ear.

El: Alright paparazzi, let’s get this show on the road!

Catherine: You could take this picture yourself, you know.

El: Aww, but this is supposed to be me and you time! You know, burying the hatchet of competition, putting out the flames of rivalry…

Catherine: What rivalry? You didn’t even want to be heir!

El: Eh. True. Too much pressure.


El: Hey lady, I’ve got your tourist-bait picture right here! Oh hey, it’s you again! Uh, what’s your name- Special Merchant Lady!

Local: …Perhaps you mean Inji Ameen?

El: Right, like I said, Special Merchant Lady.

Inji: You foreigners are very odd. In any case, thank you for the photograph.

Day 3


Her sister somehow managed to scrounge up enough turquoise for Catherine to turn in that mission, so she moves onto the next step of schmoozing with some townspeople to get info on MorcuCorp. She’s never heard of them back in SimNation, but apparently they’re a big deal here in Egypt.


When I checked in on El, I found here hanging out with Inji again, trading friendly hugs back and forth non-stop.

Alright then.


Catherine: Ismael, it was so cool! It was, like, an ancient tomb, and- What? Yeah, of course there were mummies! Big ones! I had to run for my life!

At some point that dishonest streak is going to bite her in the butt, but not today. Ismael is overjoyed at the news of occult activity, and grills her for information to add to his notes.

As soon as the girls get back, it’s time for Brienne’s birthday bash.


It goes about as well as expected.



‘Deadpan Dancing’ is the new viral challenge.

He in no way has earned the right to give Catherine that judgmental look.


Blair: Part of me wants to ask, but the other part says I’m better off not knowing.


The actual ‘birthday’ part of the party goes off without a hitch.


Brienne: I would like to ask why you find the need to study in my stepson’s nursery, but I fear I would not care for the answer.

Ismael: I’m sorry, ma’am. It’s just that Bedivere is simply fascinating; there have of course been studies on the effect of Twinbrook’s peculiar radiation on it’s citizens, but I’ve never seen such a strong reaction in someone so young! If I could only run a few tests-

Brienne: And it appears I was right. I don’t care for the answer. Kindly get out of my house.


This picture speaks for itself.


Catherine finally gets permission from her mother to make the phonecall she’s been waiting for for a long, long time.


This little foal is the newest member of the Gallant family! His name is Danger.

Catherine has zero actual experience with real life horses, so she went with calling him what sounded to her like an intimidating racehorse name.


Not the most promising of introductions.


He is pretty darn cool-looking, though.


Err, sorry about that. School got a little hectic for a while and I didn’t have the energy to make myself write up a chapter. Whoops.

That little glitch you see up there with Danger is only the beginning, trust me. I don’t know why I decided to give my heir a story revolving around horses, I really don’t. (Sims 3 horses and Mac graphics do not mix well.)

So, Catherine is officially the Generation 2 heir! Thank you to everyone who voted(all 4 of you, lol), and everyone else still reading!

-Mo ❤

1.17 Love and War

Last chapter, El and Catherine bonded, Catherine met a quirky boy with a cute face(OuO), and El became an adult. This time, passion and heir polls.


Apparently El’s favorite place to put some sweet sweet moves on Leo is her laundry filled front hallway, surrounded by elderly dogs and with her dad hovering over her shoulder.


Leo: I am weirdly okay with this.

Jared: Get a room already!


El: Wanna go disappoint your mother?

Leo: Hell. Yes.



Somewhere, Ms. Kimura is having an apoplectic fit.


El: Nothing to see, here, folks. Move along.

Jared: Yep, that’s just El in her underwear. Pretty normal day.



Tone it down a bit, bud.


Leo: i-just-had-sex


Brienne: Just so we’re clear, young man, if you break my daughter’s heart, I shall hurt you in every way I know how.


Leo: That’s fair, Mrs. G. Plus you could make my life down at the station pretty difficult if I pissed you off.

Brienne: Ah, you are an officer of the law. I knew there was a reason I liked you!


Brienne: I’m glad we have an understanding. Now, how soon do you think she’ll propose?

Ominous music fills the rainy autumn night…


Burglar: Muahaha, it is I, the Rainbow Robber! All run in terror from my primary colors of theft!

*evil laugh* I have been waiting for this. This burglar isn’t gonna know what hit her.

I sit back and wait in delight for Brienne to come out and kick some criminal ass.

Except she doesn’t come.


Catherine does.

Burglar: Oh wow, this is a joke right?


Burglar: You sure about this girly? You might break a nail.


Catherine: Oh, shut the @%*& up.


Holy crap Catherine’s in a fight!




Well this is embarrassing.

Catherine: Owwww, my butt!

Burglar: Should’ve just stepped aside, little girl!


El: ‘Hey Swiper, don’t swipe!’ Square up, you thieving punk!


Catherine: *laughing* This is the dumbest thing you’ve ever done, sis.

El: Oh, shi-


30 seconds later:

El: Owwww, my butt!

Burglar: You see! None of you can beat me! Just call the police so I can run away right before they show up, like every other sim family.


Catherine: You got lucky last time!


Brienne: My foolishness senses are tingling.


Burglar: This family is nuts! I’m gonna go rob some schmuck who doesn’t even have walls around his house yet, at least then I won’t keep getting attacked by a bunch of wimps.

Brienne: Well this all seems sorted! I’m headed back to bed.


Catherine: …And then I kicked the burglar’s behind!


Ismael: That is amazing! Quite extraordinary, I must say.


Catherine: Umm, I did have something else I wanted to talk about…


Catherine: You were planning on going stag to prom, right?

Ismael: I wasn’t planning on going at all, actually. It isn’t really my crowd.


Catherine: Well, would you maybe like to…go with me?

Ismael: You’re my best friend in the world, Catherine! I’d love to!


Catherine: Umm, well..


Catherine: Idon’treallywantogoasfriends.


Ismael:…Oh. Oh! That works too.

Catherine: Oh thank god. I mean, yay!


Something that I should have seen coming (BUT DIDN’T) was that a winter prom means a frozen hellscape, which means winterwear prom outfits.


Oh dear. Well, at least the poor girl won Prom Queen. And she’s got a new boyfriend!

I guess that ‘Can Apprehend Burglar’ hidden trait doesn’t mean ‘Will Apprehend Burglar,’ huh?

This one is a little small compared to the usual, but it does have an heir poll at the end! You should at this point have some clue of where I’m going with each sister, both in terms of romance and life. If you don’t, that’s on me, and I do apologize!

You have Eleanor “El” Gallant, Artistic, Friendly, Inappropriate, Light Sleeper, and Never Nude, with the LTW to become an Illustrious Author. She’s in a committed relationship with the snarky but sweet Leopoldo “Leo” Kimura, who was a recent recruit at the local police station.

And then you have Catherine Gallant, Excitable, Virtuoso, Equestrian, and Photographer’s Eye, with a LTW that is still a secret for now.(shh spoilers) She recently started dating Ismael VanWatson-Bunch, a cheerful and eccentric genius with an interest in the occult.

And now it’s up to you!

1.16 “She’s a Never Nude”

Last time, Jared became Mr. Seahorse and Catherine hit puberty. This time, sisterly bonding, a familiar face, and El ages up.


Jared: You’re one cute little space gremlin, you know that?

Brienne called in some favors amongst SimNation politicians to cover up the appearance of a mysterious green baby in their household. Officially, Bedivere is a survivor of a horrible nuclear meltdown in Twinbrook; the radiation mutated him into a green skinned, black eyed, but perfectly healthy and otherwise normal baby, who the Gallants happily decided to adopt.

She pulls a few more strings to make sure no men in black suits or lab coats ever come knocking at the Gallants’ door. It wasn’t easy, but when the woman who saved a nation from being taken over by Magnus Landgraab asks you to do something, you do it.


Catherine: Gibson my precious baby, I love you!


Connie and Cheri recently graduated and got adult jobs, which means that neither of them have much time for their still-teenaged friend. Instead, El switches to spending all her time with Catherine.


Who really needs it, because the idea of high school terrifies her. El is her only real friend besides their parents, and Catherine is convinced she’s going to be the freak of the school.


El: See? Not the worst thing to ever happen.

Catherine: It still wasn’t great. The other kids all laughed and called me ‘Princess’ because I said I want to ride horses when I grow up. It’s not like I said I wanted to live in fairyland, you know? Equestrianism is a perfectly viable future.

El: Eh, fuck ’em. Teenagers are all dipshits anyway.

Catherine: I’m not like you, El. I can’t just…turn off caring about what people think about me.


Video games are a surefire way to cheer up your little sister.




They’re better than you.


Since Catherine’s room is right next to Bedivere’s, she tends to be the one who takes care of him in the middle of the night.

But that doesn’t stop other family members from coming up anyway.


El: Aww, I wanted to snuggle the little dude.

Catherine: I got here first, you can wait your turn.


Catherine finally brings someone home from school! Does he look familiar?


How about now?

Yup, that’s none other than Ismael VanWatson-Bunch, the boy born within seconds of Catherine. Luckily for him, he managed to avoid his dad’s family’s genetics; if I didn’t know better, I’d think Madison had cloned herself.


Ismael: You’re overthinking it; the only reason this is giving you so much trouble is because you’ve convinced yourself you’ll be bad at it.

Catherine: Because I am! Not all of us are geniuses like you, Ismael. I’m good at music, okay, not biology.

Ismael: I don’t believe that. How many books have you read about horse physiology?

Catherine: …What does that have to do with cell structure?

Ismael: Well alright, it’s not exactly the same, but it is the same principle. If you can memorize the skeletal and muscular structures of a horse, you can memorize that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. Okay, let’s go over this again.


Catherine: You work at the cemetery, right?


Ismael: Oh. Haha, you heard about that? Yeah, it’s not as creepy as it sounds, I swear. 100% safe, guaranteed!


Catherine: You’re telling me you never get even a little spooked at being surrounded by dead people.

Ismael: Well actually, according to a theory I’m developing, we’re all surrounded by dead people at all times!


Ismael: There’s a recorded phenomenon of spirits seen throughout the world, from clearly humanoid specters to shapeless beings with no clear identity or purpose. My hypothesis is that these are all souls of the departed, but some are simply more connected to their identity in life than others! When you think about it like that, there doesn’t seem much point in being afraid of one location simply because that’s where we house the deads’ remains.

Catherine: Wow, you’re really passionate about this, huh?

Ismael: Yeah! Life after death is one of the great mysteries, you know? I’m planning on becoming a professional occult researcher after we graduate.

It sounds like a load of crap to Catherine, but she remembers how her classmates made fun of her for her horse obsession, and how Ismael never treated her like it was dumb, or funny. He even seemed to respect her dedication.


Catherine: Well, it’s not exactly a scientific study, but I know some pretty cool ghost stories if you’re interested?


Catherine: And then, she saw it. Shining out of the shadows were two red, glowing eyes.


Ismael is enraptured.

El and Bedivere’s birthday happens to be on Spooky Day, so the family decides to throw a costume party to celebrate. It has…mixed results.


For one, Brienne gets called into work right before the party, so she misses it completely.


For another, everyone’s costumes leave something to be desired. Young adult Leo in the background goes as a magician, and Connor is just offscreen dressed as a serial killer. Jared, however, decides to go as a chef, because, “I have the getup, might as well use it.” El and Brienne accidentally wore the same costume.

Catherine: Go change!

El: No you change!

Catherine: Goddammit.


Cheri: Booo, copycat!

El: I’m not taking disses from someone who isn’t even wearing a costume!

Cheri: What’re you talking about? This is my costume; I’ll have it for about 48 more hours!

El: What does that even mean?

Cheri: Pregnant. I’m pregnant, asshole. You’d think you’d know, the dad is your cousin.

Actually, both Cheri and Connie are preggo. El is a little weirded out by how her friends are all becoming parents.


Jared: I’m surrounded by blonde fish women.


Eyy Beddie Bo’ Bedivere!


Eyy El!


She rolls Never Nude as her final trait, which is hilarious to me.


I mean, what part of this image isn’t comedy gold?

Her full personality is friendly, artistic, inappropriate, light sleeper, and never nude, one hell of a combination. Her LTW is to be an Illustrious Author, and her spouse, should everything turn out well, will be Leopoldo Kimura, a good-natured and kind of snarky guy with a dorky ponytail.

The next morning, the whole family piles into Brienne’s midlife crisis sedan to attend El’s graduation.





The Gallants all(finally) arrive at city hall.




El: Hell yes! Now could someone please shut up the gremlin?


The heir poll should be up with the next chapter, I just want to flesh a few more things out and get caught up to where I’ve played.

Thanks for reading! -Mo ❤

1.15 The Morning After

Last time, I hit a point windfall and Jared got abducted by aliens. This time, we deal with the aftermath.


Madison: Wow, what an awesome party! I’m totally not going to acknowledge or react to that suspicious hovercar!


Jared: Well, that was a weird…hallucination? Or maybe a dream. Nah, definitely a hallucination. Connor always said that acid I took in college would come back to bite me in the ass.


Catherine got Jared a birthday gift. She couldn’t give it to him last night because he ran off like a crazy person, but day-after presents still count, right?



It’s a cane, which should offend him, but Jared is nothing if not contrary, so he’s thrilled.


Jared: Get off my damn lawn you punks!

He puts it to good use as part of his “grumpy old codger” ensemble.


Summer in Sunset Valley is bright and gorgeous, so El takes advantage of the nice weather to hang out with her friends. Connie has to leave early to go to work, but that still leaves Leo and Cheri to hang with.


I think I must have missed some undercurrents between Leo and Cheri – El barely even kissed the boy hello, and Cheri stormed off with a big ol’ person-person-double-minus over her head. It’s especially weird when you consider that she has a boyfriend; Cheri’s been dating Deshaun Frenchfry(Connor’s son with Molly French) for over a week, which is practically married by Sim standards.

It also means that everyone in El’s friendgroup is eventually going to end up as part of her family tree, which is a weird thought.


Brienne is not at all put off by Jared’s new wrinkles and gray hair.


You two. You’re gonna give me cavities. Gross, weird cavities.


Catherine obligingly poses inside the library so I can show off some of its mismatched furniture. None of her traits(or her LTW for that matter) apply to child-sim activities, so she mostly spends her time on free will mode reading books.


Or playing at being a queen.


Tiff: Feeling a lil hefty, there, pal. And both of us know you haven’t working out.


Jared: Oh, what is that feeling..?

Tiff: Here’s an idea; for your diet, you can just give all your food to me!


Jared: Nothing is happening nothing is happening nothing is happening

Tiff: I mean, you still look good, pal. Lookin’ fresh. But you could stand to lose a few pounds, you dig?


Tiff: So whaddya say?

Jared: What the hell is this dog barking about?


Jared: So, I looked up “weird glowing green stomach” and “unexpected weight gain” on webMD and you would not BELIEVE what I found.

Brienne: My love, are you entirely sure that this is something I want to know?

Jared: Eh, maybe not. It’s pretty cool though.

Brienne: I do not-

Jared: I’m pregnant.

Brienne: I beg your pardon? Jared, I believe you may be confusing basic human anatomy.

Jared: No no no, not like, normal pregnant. Pregnant with an alien baby from space. Like, a little green dude with a poky face.

Brienne: But – I – How?

Jared: Oh yeah, I got abducted by a spaceship on my birthday. I didn’t say anything cause I thought it was a bad acid flashback.

Brienne: I believe it says something regarding the type of person you are that I cannot muster any surprise at that.

Jared: Harsh, babe.


Jared takes to fishing at the park across the road, getting in touch with his natural side.


Jared: Hey, it’s happening again! Catherine, how cool is that?!

Catherine: Just a minute dad, let me finish my page.


Jared: How in the hell did both of my kid turn out so rude?


The Golden-Handed Chef is looking quite chef-shaped these days.


Glitch, what glitch?

And apparently the tubbiness has reached critical mass, because after a few days he starts going into labor on the front lawn.

Jared: Someone get this damn dirty dog out of here!


There’s certainly no awkward graphical problems in this game.

Faithful: Rude.


No sirree.

It’s a boy!

Meet Bedivere Gallant, the unplanned-for final member of generation 2. He’s named after Sir Bedivere, one of the legendary Knights of the Round Table, and the one credited with returning Excalibur to the Lady of the Lake as Arthur lay dying. He rolled disciplined and loves the cold as his traits.


A nursery is hastily constructed upstairs. The wallpaper is a little on the nose.



Brienne: Perhaps you should lower your voice, love?


Brienne: After all, it is our Catherine’s birthday. You wouldn’t want to ruin her day in front of all these people, would you?

Jared: Buzzkill.


There’s a bit of a traffic jam on the way to the cake.(That young man hanging out by the TV is none other than Deshaun, aka Connor’s kid, aka Cheri’s boyfriend.)


But there’s still plenty of people around to cheer Catherine on to teenhood.



Damn, girl.

Catherine ages up unreasonably pretty, and rolls the photographer’s eye trait. So, she’s an artsy basic white girl. I gave her an elegant pastel-goth look to contrast with El’s thrift store party girl style.


Catherine: So, are we acknowledging how dad lost fifty pounds while we were at school and now there’s a weird green kid in a crib upstairs?

El: Nope.

Catherine: Ah, of course not. What was I thinking.


For her birthday, Catherine gets a sexy new grand piano – she really really really wanted a pony, but Brienne was clear that she wasn’t getting a horse until she had an A in school and already knew how to ride and take care of it. A piano is one hell of a consolation prize, but all the same…


Although she enjoys music, and has been absently considering getting into photography, there’s something that keeps Catherine coming back to horses in particular. If someone were to ask her why, she would never be able to articulate it. There was a dream she only half-remembers that left her with a bone deep sense of purpose, but like a soap-bubble, the more she tries to grasp the memory, the further it slips away from her. She’s left with only the vague impression of gentle light and a soft voice in her ear:

You are not ready.


…So that happened.

Bedivere is in fact my first full-alien baby ever! I’ve had sims who hooked up with aliens in the past, but abductions are so rare that I’ve never had a male sim “pollinated” before. On this topic, please read my disclaimer at the bottom of the post.

I’m mighty pleased at how Catherine is turning out – there aren’t any proper pics of her face in this chapter, but I quite like her look. Like a little lady, but also like she maybe spends her nights hanging out in graveyards. She’s also locked in her lifetime wish – I’m not giving it away just yet, but you can probably guess based on recent chapters. X)

Next chapter should include El’s age-up to young adulthood, maybe one more to fit in some extra content, and then after that it’s a special one-off chapter and the heir poll!

-Mo ❤

Disclaimer(If there are kids reading this, this is PG-13 AT LEAST, turn back now and skip over this bit): Ok, so, the way EA handles the ‘alien abduction’ thing is pretty fucked up. Like, I get it, it’s meant to be a play on those people on the History Channel who claim that they were ‘probed’ by aliens and the ‘Mars needs moms’ trope, but it’s still too reminiscent of sexual assault played for comedy for it to not skeeve me out on some level. That being said, obviously I chose to include it in this story, and obviously that’s not the interpretation I’m going with in this case. The simple reason is that I want the story to remain, at it’s core, light-hearted; the more complicated one is that I don’t feel confident in my ability to write on the topic in a properly respectful and accurate way. Please feel free to call me on it if I screw up in any way, I’ll be happy to rewrite a chapter to be non-upsetting or offensive. Thanks for understanding!


1.14 Interlude: 24 Hours



No particular reason for this to be here, I just liked the view.


Jared: Okay, good, now ease on the brakes.

El: Right.

Jared: ….


Jared: You forgot which one is the brake didn’t you.

El: Yup.


Brienne has been promoted to International Super Spy! P.I. V.J. Alvi thinks someone that prestigious should be able to wear something a little less stupid-looking, but he has a stupid number of initials in his name so who cares really.


Catherine comes across a chinchilla in the hills near the house. She immediately scoops the little fella up and takes him home.


Catherine: His name is Gibson and I would die for him.



What’s this?


Jared: So, uh, I was offered a TV show deal. Apparently some big executive type came into the Frenchfry and was impressed by how gourmet it was, considering it’s a diner. And he pulled some strings, and. Well. You’re looking at Jared “Gold Hand” Gallant, host of the newest program on Cookin’ Cable.


Brienne: My love, that is wonderful! This is what you have always wanted, yes? For the people to recognize your talents and to be known for them.

Jared: Yeah, but, babe, I’m gonna be in the spotlight from now on. That’s gonna bring a lot of attention onto you, and the last thing I want to do is compromise your career.

Brienn: Oh, the station was protocols in place for exactly this situation. Don’t worry, love, my identity as a police officer will be ironclad.


Jared: Hrmph. Getting old.


Jared: Whoa!


Jared: Alright, not too bad.

El: Oh my GOD, what are you wearing?!


I tried to get an after pick of his elder clothes, but Jared ran outside before I had a chance to. What the fuck.


Are you kidding me.





Someone takes after his mother in the straight creepin’ department.

Woo, so much action! All this stuff happened within a 24 hour span(hence the title), and I thought that was funny enough to have a separate mini-chapter just for this one day.

Point round-up: Brienne completed her LTW to become an International Super Spy, which means a point, and that tipped her over 100k LTH, which makes another point. Jared also completed his LTW to become a 5-Star Celebrity Chef, and that also bumped him over 100k. In total, that’s 4 new points in about 10-15 minutes of gameplay. Holy shit.

Total points:8

(Also, there’s a not-so-stealthy Game of Thrones reference in here based on something Livvielove pointed out on the boolprop forum – kudos if you figure it out!)

-Mo ❤