Table of Contents

Generation 1: Brienne Gallant

The legacy begins with Brienne the Badass.

1.1 The Dawn of a Legacy

1.2 Living Rough


1.4 The Box of Shame

1.5 Family Matters

1.6 A Little Older, Not Much Wiser

1.7 Winter is Coming

1.8 Moving On Up

1.9 Building and a Baby

1.10 Birthdays Galore

1.11 All About El

1.12 What Are Little Girls Made of?

1.13 Interlude: No More Yielding But A Dream

1.14 Interlude: 24 Hours

1.15 The Morning After

1.16 “She’s a Never Nude”

1.17 Love and War

Generation 2: Catherine Gallant

2.1 A New Era

2.2 Bad Decisions

2.3 The Queen’s Faithful Servant

2.4 Playing House

2.5 Ground Control to Major Tom

2.6 Who You Gonna Call?

2.7 I Got This Feeling Like, Somebody’s Watching Me~

2.8 Expository Slumber

2.9 Oh Right, This Is A Legacy Challenge

2.10 Sand In Unmentionable Places

2.11 Baby Fever

2.12 A Long Overdue Visit (Or Two.)(Or Three!)

2.13 This Family is Going to Need So Much Therapy