1.14 Interlude: 24 Hours



No particular reason for this to be here, I just liked the view.


Jared: Okay, good, now ease on the brakes.

El: Right.

Jared: ….


Jared: You forgot which one is the brake didn’t you.

El: Yup.


Brienne has been promoted to International Super Spy! P.I. V.J. Alvi thinks someone that prestigious should be able to wear something a little less stupid-looking, but he has a stupid number of initials in his name so who cares really.


Catherine comes across a chinchilla in the hills near the house. She immediately scoops the little fella up and takes him home.


Catherine: His name is Gibson and I would die for him.



What’s this?


Jared: So, uh, I was offered a TV show deal. Apparently some big executive type came into the Frenchfry and was impressed by how gourmet it was, considering it’s a diner. And he pulled some strings, and. Well. You’re looking at Jared “Gold Hand” Gallant, host of the newest program on Cookin’ Cable.


Brienne: My love, that is wonderful! This is what you have always wanted, yes? For the people to recognize your talents and to be known for them.

Jared: Yeah, but, babe, I’m gonna be in the spotlight from now on. That’s gonna bring a lot of attention onto you, and the last thing I want to do is compromise your career.

Brienn: Oh, the station was protocols in place for exactly this situation. Don’t worry, love, my identity as a police officer will be ironclad.


Jared: Hrmph. Getting old.


Jared: Whoa!


Jared: Alright, not too bad.

El: Oh my GOD, what are you wearing?!


I tried to get an after pick of his elder clothes, but Jared ran outside before I had a chance to. What the fuck.


Are you kidding me.





Someone takes after his mother in the straight creepin’ department.

Woo, so much action! All this stuff happened within a 24 hour span(hence the title), and I thought that was funny enough to have a separate mini-chapter just for this one day.

Point round-up: Brienne completed her LTW to become an International Super Spy, which means a point, and that tipped her over 100k LTH, which makes another point. Jared also completed his LTW to become a 5-Star Celebrity Chef, and that also bumped him over 100k. In total, that’s 4 new points in about 10-15 minutes of gameplay. Holy shit.

Total points:8

(Also, there’s a not-so-stealthy Game of Thrones reference in here based on something Livvielove pointed out on the boolprop forum – kudos if you figure it out!)

-Mo ❤



4 thoughts on “1.14 Interlude: 24 Hours

  1. Oh my gods it took me so long to find the reference and I even pointed it out the first time. *doh*

    I loved this! Congrats on the point count! Knock this challenge out of the paaaaark!


  2. That was a lot happening in just 24 hours… wow. Driving, birthdays, alien kidnappning, animals… and so much more. Damn! I can understand the title now.

    … Oh boy, Jared you old fool… there’s just waiting now to see what happens. Haha, but I did see that reference there… good one! 🙂


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