1.17 Love and War

Last chapter, El and Catherine bonded, Catherine met a quirky boy with a cute face(OuO), and El became an adult. This time, passion and heir polls.


Apparently El’s favorite place to put some sweet sweet moves on Leo is her laundry filled front hallway, surrounded by elderly dogs and with her dad hovering over her shoulder.


Leo: I am weirdly okay with this.

Jared: Get a room already!


El: Wanna go disappoint your mother?

Leo: Hell. Yes.



Somewhere, Ms. Kimura is having an apoplectic fit.


El: Nothing to see, here, folks. Move along.

Jared: Yep, that’s just El in her underwear. Pretty normal day.



Tone it down a bit, bud.


Leo: i-just-had-sex


Brienne: Just so we’re clear, young man, if you break my daughter’s heart, I shall hurt you in every way I know how.


Leo: That’s fair, Mrs. G. Plus you could make my life down at the station pretty difficult if I pissed you off.

Brienne: Ah, you are an officer of the law. I knew there was a reason I liked you!


Brienne: I’m glad we have an understanding. Now, how soon do you think she’ll propose?

Ominous music fills the rainy autumn night…


Burglar: Muahaha, it is I, the Rainbow Robber! All run in terror from my primary colors of theft!

*evil laugh* I have been waiting for this. This burglar isn’t gonna know what hit her.

I sit back and wait in delight for Brienne to come out and kick some criminal ass.

Except she doesn’t come.


Catherine does.

Burglar: Oh wow, this is a joke right?


Burglar: You sure about this girly? You might break a nail.


Catherine: Oh, shut the @%*& up.


Holy crap Catherine’s in a fight!




Well this is embarrassing.

Catherine: Owwww, my butt!

Burglar: Should’ve just stepped aside, little girl!


El: ‘Hey Swiper, don’t swipe!’ Square up, you thieving punk!


Catherine: *laughing* This is the dumbest thing you’ve ever done, sis.

El: Oh, shi-


30 seconds later:

El: Owwww, my butt!

Burglar: You see! None of you can beat me! Just call the police so I can run away right before they show up, like every other sim family.


Catherine: You got lucky last time!


Brienne: My foolishness senses are tingling.


Burglar: This family is nuts! I’m gonna go rob some schmuck who doesn’t even have walls around his house yet, at least then I won’t keep getting attacked by a bunch of wimps.

Brienne: Well this all seems sorted! I’m headed back to bed.


Catherine: …And then I kicked the burglar’s behind!


Ismael: That is amazing! Quite extraordinary, I must say.


Catherine: Umm, I did have something else I wanted to talk about…


Catherine: You were planning on going stag to prom, right?

Ismael: I wasn’t planning on going at all, actually. It isn’t really my crowd.


Catherine: Well, would you maybe like to…go with me?

Ismael: You’re my best friend in the world, Catherine! I’d love to!


Catherine: Umm, well..


Catherine: Idon’treallywantogoasfriends.


Ismael:…Oh. Oh! That works too.

Catherine: Oh thank god. I mean, yay!


Something that I should have seen coming (BUT DIDN’T) was that a winter prom means a frozen hellscape, which means winterwear prom outfits.


Oh dear. Well, at least the poor girl won Prom Queen. And she’s got a new boyfriend!

I guess that ‘Can Apprehend Burglar’ hidden trait doesn’t mean ‘Will Apprehend Burglar,’ huh?

This one is a little small compared to the usual, but it does have an heir poll at the end! You should at this point have some clue of where I’m going with each sister, both in terms of romance and life. If you don’t, that’s on me, and I do apologize!

You have Eleanor “El” Gallant, Artistic, Friendly, Inappropriate, Light Sleeper, and Never Nude, with the LTW to become an Illustrious Author. She’s in a committed relationship with the snarky but sweet Leopoldo “Leo” Kimura, who was a recent recruit at the local police station.

And then you have Catherine Gallant, Excitable, Virtuoso, Equestrian, and Photographer’s Eye, with a LTW that is still a secret for now.(shh spoilers) She recently started dating Ismael VanWatson-Bunch, a cheerful and eccentric genius with an interest in the occult.

And now it’s up to you!


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